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Going on BBC World Service Newshour momentarily to talk #nbcfail  
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Well said. Speaking for me there also. 
+Jeff Jarvis Interestingly enough, I found that the NBC provided 3D coverage of the Opening Ceremonies includes the missing tribute segment--and it's quite moving indeed.

What a travesty and downright stupid decision to not air it. I'm truly outraged over it. 

Side note: the 3D Ceremonies also feature much more strategically placed commercial breaks, and (beautifully) is devoid of any commentator speech. 
Can't find a clip of the Meredith Tim-Berners Lee fail anywhere.  Vimeo had one, but it's been pulled down.
I just found out that streaming video available all through the EU is blocked to U.S. servers. Rat bastards. 
Goes without saying that the US networks always do an incompetent job but the people are usually unaware of it.  It is only because of the Internet that word gets around of how folks in the US got shafted.  NBC thought they were in control of the information.   *Maybe Google should buy rights to 2014* so we can get a proper, 24 hr multicast. 
I dare you to post off G+ your other post about this topic.  Word for word.  You really need to moderate your own posts.  Shameful nonsense going on there.
Very annoyed at the NBC edit of the 7/7 tribute and also embarrassed over the lack of knowledge of Tim Berners Lee. Much worse than not knowing who Berners Lee was - the fact that this lack of knowledge was repeated by more than one announcer, as if the man was totally obscure. It's almost like no one had an assistant with the ability to use Google. I hope the rest of the world remembers that we're not all as dumb as some of us appear on tv.
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