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This is my ongoing circle of journos on Google+; by no means comprehensive.

Jeff Jarvis shared a circle with you.
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If I add your circle and at a later date you add more people to that circle do I get the updates or do I have a circle stuck at whatever it is when you first shared it?
hi Jeff. I get an "Error changing circle memberships" when I try to add this circle. I have succesfully added other circles earlier today. Any ideas? And keep up the good work.
This is a momentous new addition to the features of Google +. May it spark all kinds of real revolutions. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.
Thanks for the share, mostly because I had no idea you could do that. Need to get to sending circles around!
Jeff, feel free to add me to your journos circle. My private blog is here Have you reviewed G+ and how it compares to FB? Wd like to know your thoughts as a big user.
Somebody should share his porn star circle.
+Arno Schmidt as in...ones we've seen, ones we've worked with or ones whose work we admire? Do specify.
Now I'll be on the lookout for repositories of shared circles, from trusted people such as yourself. This is a cool new feature.
Somehow I think Robert is in his own Circle.
Great to have this and to use it as yeast for my own circle. Thanks and very good to see you at the CUNY book party for "Private Parts."
Fantastic list of fascinating voices and minds. Thanks for sharing...the quality of the discourse on Google+ is a great improvement from Facebook! Your book Public Parts will definitely keep that quality going...
+RF Ventus I completely agree. It's nice to get away from the banal chatter and have a stream filled with content that actually bears reading. I'd go as far as to say Google+ tends to be filled with more interesting tidbits than what populates my bookmarks...
Thanks a lot for that
Great to have this - thanks! A lot of my ppl here who I have not connected with in a while.
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