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Google+ #fails next to Twitter as a backchannel for the Murdoch #hackgate hearing because:

1. Breaking chronology does not work for ongoing news.
2. Without hashtags and search for them, it's impossible to gather around a topic or event (which is key to Twitter's strategy, I learned when I interviewed them for my book).
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Been working fabulously as one for me... I agree that ++Tags & --Tags would make it even better, but for the moment. Pretty darn good.
and don't forget that iphone apps are more important and spam your stream.

Twitter easily won today.
Me too, I've kept up nicely with it.
I Still hope they'll get #hastags in. About the chronological order. Mehmeh i know people prefering the current behaviour, i for one would love to have it marked in some way but not sorted up.
funny. i forgot all about checking twitter for murdoch coverage. just watching the tv stream and google+. Doh!
Yep, I still go to twitter for breaking news and following live evengs
Also, there's no easy way to collapse comments that are covering the screen.
This will change once API's are released, I'm sure - you'll be able to sip the firehose for this purpose
Ima going to let you guys scan the stream and just tell me anything really important :P
#hashtags that you could add to your circles would work beautifully. Imagine adding the hashtags you want to follow in the circles of your choice :)
Have you considered that the breaking chronology is a distraction, and does not further meaningful understanding of the event? This isn't a defense of google+ --sorting by hashtags seems useful to me. But wouldn't we be better served by reading a single, thoughtful article that offers context and insight at the end of the week, than following every thread as the news breaks?
It would be good if "Sparks" or a Google created a "Circle" for trending topics and feeds. That would allow you to hop in and out without a need to join or follow multiple hashtags feeds.
It was 18 months after Twitter's launch before Chris Messina proposed using hashtags. GooPlu has only been here for three weeks!
Let's see that in a few months... I find very convenient to be able to send "tweets" as well as longer posts on G+
Screw hashtags! Algorythms! isnt that what google is famous for? There are so many people that dont hashtag or do it improperly.
You're right, +Jeff Jarvis. It was very easy for me to follow the blow by blow on my Twitter stream (including yours and your RTs of others). That kind of fast moving chronology is not Google+ strong suit. However, so many of my thoughts re the scandal could not be condensed to less than 140 characters. That's why I like G+ better for thoughtful discussions.
That's a good idea, I should use Buzz with G+
I like twitter better for this too. I don't want to search the public timeline. I want to see what the people on my lists are saying.

Still, I think +Jeff Jarvis is bringing up some valid critiques and is being good about restraining his inner Google fanboy. Constructive criticism helps G+ win out in the end.
I'd add 3. you only really need 140 characters to spread the news but more than that to tell it.
Google+ should add a "G+ in a Rush" feature where you are limited to 150 characters
+Kelly Lux well I dont think you can search the public timeline anyway
I hate twitter. Found out about Murdoch as soon as it happened because of G+
Im with Mary! But I agree hash tags are essential. Could G+ include something around sparks or similar to replicate the function of hash tags?
Why aren't you hash-tagging the tweets you write about the case? ;)
Twitter won today but only due to the scale of it... I'm confident G+ will win in future.
Perhaps someday G+ will have "sort by date or most recent comments" technology. And search.
Maybe we need Twoogle+ ... a hybrid client that displays both sets of streams? Google+ is great for longer conversations, but does fall down for breaking news.
+Jeff Jarvis you make a very good point, which is why I don't believe Google+ will replace Twitter. If we consider these social systems as tools, then you have to think about what that tool is best at. Google+ is not best for accessing or sharing information of that sort. I do believe, however, that Google+ would be useful for discussion after information was culled from Twitter.
Jeff, posts have been chonological for me for the past few days. Have they not fixed this for everyone yet?
Adding a # tagged search as a stream to circle would be a great way to track hot topics or just topics that you are generally interested in. Some way of re-sorting chronologically is indeed needed though.

Due to the longcomment flows, I think that comments made by people you have in your circles should have something like a circle indicator on their profile pic frame in the comment stream.
I think though, G+ is not a replacement to twitter but a complement; at best it would be a replacement for Facebook any day of the week. Twitter is your short-burst, real time, news feed and initial connecting site. G+ and FB are for the discussions, except FB requires you to know and connect strongly as friends, while G+ maintains the twitter follow-those-you-want paradigm which makes it easier to connect with people.
so true i have been busy watching the hash tag custard pie -- twitter give me instant news google plus seems a little more reflective
I see Google+ as being a replacement for Facebook, however, I don't see it replacing Twitter.
Jeff is correct that Twitter is superior for this usecase. Don't see why they have to be the same though, my fork is great for most food, but if I'm having soup i'll use a spoon. 
Google+ is both FB & Twitter & more. If you think of it as 1-to-1 with any other single social service that's currently available, you're missing out on a lot of what you can do with it...
I'm more interested in accuracy vs. speed when it comes to news like that. Agree, hashtags are great, but you'd have to filter out the noisemakers from the newsmakers using those tags.
I think it might be useful to set up a Twitterfall search for the hashtag, and toggle between Google Plus and Twitterfall. You can save the Twitterfall search for later research.
The endless tail of comments is the first thing G+ has to fix. Absurd it isn't hidden by default.
Can't we already do hashtags? Just start using them, and put them in your "Sparks." Or do those not update often enough?
Lon, i'm gonna try that and report what happens
+Craig Anderson that circle indicator is a great idea. Furthermore, if one had the ability to just view comments from a given circle, or omit comments based on circles, conversations that are this extensive could really be useful. You would possibly be able to break down views of comments based on expertise, association, etc. that reflect the circles you use.
Twitter for news and being marketed to. Google+ for everything else.
I'm tiring of how Jarvis and other more famed posters drop a little seed rant and never look back. A discussion starts and hundreds of people post, but the original famous guy never interacts. Maybe twitter would be a better place if all you are going to do is broadcast. Oh yeah - this G+ thing isn't even released yet.... I would also prefer a chronological option. Let's give them a chance to do it.
It is also easier to get sidetracked with the comments on G+.
I had to buy it off iTunes on my Mac and then pull it to my iPhone under purchased. I did not show up under the store on my phone...
your hashtags make my eyes bleeeed. Sorry man, I can't take the pain. /unfollow.
I think that the sparks functionality can be expanded to cover the hashtags Twitter functionality, about the chronology something else must be done.
Maybe G+ needs event specific circles
of course it did!! It's a totally different thing! argh!
Chronology keeps coming and going. It drives me nuts when the posts jump around, because it is impossible for me to follow what is new (and thusly, "news")
+Jeff Jarvis I really think Google is looking at a way to fix this. One way would be like someone already mentioned, a Google+plus homepage with trending topics and temporary public subscribeable circles.
It's true - Twitter was where the fun was
Well thats why twitter is still a separate service. Dummy! :)
i never liked hash tags #causeanyonecanmakeonemeananything and it was annoying. just give me a key word search and ill be happy.
+Brayan Sanjuan = blocked
+Joel McLaughlin, I think he means in a community way where he can see what all the G+'ers are saying about the topic and being able to engage them. that I REALLY looked at the content. However, wouldn't it be simpler to just have the Google+ stream integrated into sparks so that in amongs the Youtube videos and more you'd see comments from the stream??
There are so many way to do it better than twitter and G+ is so young that this doesnt even matter.
Personally I still think sparks are vital to this. They could have trending sparks, and let you tag posts into spark categories.
Also, I have a LOT of trouble reading Google+ comments, because they keep moving down the page as new comments are added. There should be a way to "control the scroll" (rather than be controlled by it).
Absolutely! +Nick Young-Soares that's what I am talking about! Make it BETTER than hashtags. In fact, ELIMINATE the hashtag. We don't need it. Just do a search and keep updating the spark.
I love hashtags. They have a function and an art that is entirely their own. I hope G+ integrates them. #fatchance #fingerscrossed
So many people defending G+, when it clearly does not do a good a job as Twitter for following live events.
But why? Why not just add terms at the end or tags that aren't a part of the comment itself. Why should I see #stupid #hashtags just when I am looking for hashtags or in the case that Jeff was talking about, the word hackgate.
I am wondering if we want G+ to be all things to all people. I would be confused if I had to whiteboard all suggestions together. Many conflict. I still love G+ the way it is and I'm sure they will slowly enhance our experience. Just saying... +Jeff Jarvis
i think the feature you're looking for +Jeff Jarvis is 'Sparks' on Plus. However, it's not very well implemented yet. Twitter is without rivals in real-time news.
Exactly! Nail has been hit on the head
+Jeff Jarvis Did you ever consider that G+ isn't intended to replace twitter; at least not the way you use twitter? Perhaps, like Twitter, the populous will morph it into a better tool for journalism (both production and consumption.) Remember twitter was never intended to be what it is today either.
+Jeff Jarvis Didn't you know that the whole purpose of G+ is to discuss G+ features and to share animated gifs? I hope it becomes something more in the future.
I'm thinking that this might be an opportunity for there to be multiple modes for displaying the Google+ stream, with one of them being the conversation oriented view that we are currently seeing, one that maintains the original post timeline (perhaps with collapsed comments), one that works similar to a Twitter hashtag stream, etc.

Keep the default as the current conversation oriented stream, but allow power users to change what is happening, perhaps in a second tab or popout.
Never understood why sparks aren't precisely this?
+Lachlan Phillips Ditto. I can only image, & hope, that Google are working on it and it isn't in G+ because they are ironing out bugs. It seems inconceivable to me the leading search company will not have an easy to use real time search function in their social network.
I bet they'll be talking about it on TWiG tonight. Seems +Leo Laporte is having a hard time hosting an episode without mentioning G+ :D.
They should not go an episode without mentioning it. It is some of the biggest news. Earning call and G+.
So far G+ seems like an attempt to replace Facebook and in no way competition for Twitter. That may change when they put search in.
A sort order and form of priority index (weighted system) sort order would be handy. If you could sort chronologically, only Plussed (+1) comments (and also show if they are replies to other comments via others mentioning their Goog+ ID) directly after). etc etc. Also, the relevance weighted method. This would be handy for feeds as well as Comments.
I've heard you comment a couple of times on #hashtags and Google+ and could agree with you more.
I hope someone in google reads this.
I have three more to add (on you have already talked about in TWiG.

1) The ability to 'read' posts so they disappear from the timeline altogether (like Google Reader) there can be a 'See All Posts' button to bring them back, as well.

2) Stars so we can make posts for keeping and later reading - as you have highlighted on TWiG this is the standard metaphor used in many other Google products for 'Bookmarking'.

3) A way to make a comment and all previous comments as 'read' so that we can see only the new comments on a Post of interest, when we return to it after sometime has passed.

Definitely agree that the +1 must be used to filer Posts and Comments - maybe we could have settable threshold values for Posts and Comments that auto hides anything below those levels when the filter is active.
Why not just make hashtags sparks or maybe if even an extension of the circle metaphor. I'd love to be able to creat an event circle then share it. I.e. 2011 family BBQ. We could all associate our content with it. Maybe this is where a simpler version of a 'wave' could come back. Social networks are terrible at being able to go back and reminisce over a shared event or meme. 
Well I found that there is a partial solution to my 1) wish - G+ allows you to 'mute' posts by clicking the arrow in the upper right of the post.

But it still leaves a marker showing that the post is hidden, I want to see it gone completely unless I turn off a specific filter to show read posts...
You can search for G+ posts (the content stream) using this site: It works just like Twitter search so you can find topics that interest you and join in the discussion, or find people with common interests and then add them to your circles. No hash tags though....
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