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Me thinks the platform doth whine too much. Twitter: Open up our content to us and to search engines and then if Google doesn't present it you'll have grounds to complain. But now, not only can't Google get it but we can't get at what we write. It's API time. Think open. Google has a Data Liberation Front. You need one, too.
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We are a bit surprised by Twitter's comments about Search plus Your World, because they chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer (, and since then we have observed their rel=nofollow instructions.
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Twitter shot itself in the foot this time round I think.
Can't understand their reasoning. Surely it benefits Twitter to appear in Google search results.
What should happen here: Twitter and Facebook and Google should put the authority for inclusion in users hands. I should have the option as a matter of principle to open up my own content on both services.
+Ben Buttigieg it's about the money, they wanted more money and more control over how the results are presented in googles real time search
+Jeff Jarvis surely you're not suggesting that twitter and facebook give users control over their data?
well said +Jeff Jarvis - comes across as Twitter being outraged at the consequences of their own actions
I wrote this morning - it's like your nieghbour never letting your family visit their house, and then complaining that you didn't buy their family christmas presents...
Now that I've seen Google search results with the relevant +1, I want to be able to connect my Twitter account and have Google always check anything I've favorited that may be relevant to a search term. Those would be the BEST results.
I'm confused. I don't remember tweets coming up in google searches before the change. How is adding results from my google+ hurting twitter?
+Chad Lubrecht there used to be an option on the SERP for "real time results" - Twitter gave Google the firehose of data. If you went to that drop-down, lots of twitter results.
+Jeff Jarvis given I've identified my twitter handle on my G+ page shouldn't the normal scrapping pick up my public tweets at least?
Google Data Liberation a good thing, but where are our RSS feeds, dammit?
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