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Verizon is refusing to activate my Nexus 7 LTE. I have had confirmation that it works on Verizon's network. WTF? +Google

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I usually try to avoid questioning why anyone wants a particular device - everyone has their own unique requirements and motivations.  But you have been very outspoken about your insistence on an LTE N7 and equally adamant that it must work on Verizon.  I have to ask why?

I had an LTE tablet and decided it was not worth the extra cost and trouble.  Tethering to my phone, both WiFi and bluetooth is very easy and means I have data services wherever the phone works.  Being restricted only to Verizon LTE coverage would be a major step back.  VZW has done a good job of spreading their LTE network but it still does not cover as many areas as 3G which means your LTE tablet will still have to rely on tethering to your phone when you are not inside an LTE zone.  

Second question, why insist on Verizon?  Are AT&T and T-Mobile really that bad in your area?  It is not as if you can get unlimited data on your tablet so there must be some other driving factor.  For me, AT&T is a good fallback since they cover the areas I care about just as well as Verizon does.  And for 95+% of my time, T-Mobile gives me perfectly good coverage and a very good customer experience.  If your phone is on a Verizon share plan you have WiFi tethering included so the tablet will work just fine wherever your phone works.  Even if you don't have tethering included in your VZW plan, it is easy to enable on most Android phones.  
I don't know why people put up with Verizon. Coverage isn't everything. They are rude and expensive. I switched to T-Mobile and live in the sticks. Great coverage for $30 a month. 
I have to agree, Verizon is a headache to deal with and they're going to do things their own way regardless. CDMA plus their different approach to LTE puts a lot of hardware makers in a tough spot. That is why you don't see as many good Android phones on Verizon as T Mobile an AT&T.
Can you not go buy a hotspot service with a sim and put it in your Nexus 7?
Once I'm off contract I'm done with +Verizon Wireless forever. 
This is where the old speakerphone was good. Today we have hangouts to share the memory with the world live. Would beat the boredom waiting for TWIT TV to go live. The Jarvis virus;)
Remember that one time when it was, I think, Dooce, got a free washer and dryer after making noise about it with social media. An activation rant doesn't promise quite the drama, but keep us posted. 
My contract is up in a few months and I too am done with VZW
+David LaCivita +Mark David I didn't even wait for my contracts to end.  +T-Mobile is so much less expensive than Verizon that I paid the early termination fees on three VZW phones and switched.  I am saving $80/month which will balance out the ETF's by February.  The cost of replacement phones will be partially offset by selling my used VZW phones and within a year it will be pure savings.  Plus switching to a GSM phones means I can change carriers if T-Mobile does not remain competitive. 
Jesus. Either just get an LTE SIM and put it in yourself, or switch carriers.

Having a CSR do literally anything for you is inviting this kind of fail.
+Verizon Wireless needs to realize that the tide is turning. Their arrogance and poor customer service is bringing them down and they won't be King of the hill for much longer. 
+Jeff Jarvis , +Brian Barcus makes some excellent points.  Why do you tolerate Verizon?  They are a horrible company that constantly craps all over it's customers with no regard for them except to ensure they are getting money from them (even if service is degraded...they don't care, or "will eventually get to it" which is what my experience was after a price hike and them yanking unlimited data).  Dump them.  I'm finding ATT has better LTE than VZW in some markets at least and T-Mobile is great where they have coverage.
Just dumping Verizon misses the point, guys. Google made a big deal about the 3 carrier support MONTHS ago. Most of us would just be screwed in this situation. +Jeff Jarvis (hopefully) has the platform to make somebody explain what the hell is going on....
+Travis Sexton Sorry and thanks for the update. I dont believe/remember Google ever said Verizon would be one of their supported carriers. They did say 3 but VZW?
This is an area where, unusually compared to most consumer purchases, US customers get way overcharged and worse service compared to much of the rest of the world. Personally I think the way to deal with it is not tolerate it, ruthlessly switch carriers to get the best value, tell your carriers, and tell others how to get better value. In the UK things are somewhat better but you can still save yourself hundreds of pounds a year by ruthlessly switching. I also found I could get the best deals by buying a cheap smartphone on contract, and selling that phone on eBay; anything to get the price down to the commodity level it should be.
Call them back and tell them it's an iPad all they want is the serial number to activate it.
From Android Central: "If you don't already have a SIM, your retail store may give you grief about it because the device is not in their database and you will need a motivated rep to get it going. In theory, you will have better luck at the independent authorized VZW resellers than corporate stores... the resellers will sell you new SIMs all day long and could care less about your rogue device. Verizon corporate stores are a little differently motivated."
Something tells me TWiG is due for a truly epic rant this week...
Switch to T-Mobile. Our service in the NJ/NY area is fantastic. Your nexus will be just as happy. 
Hmmm. Methinks somebody at Verizon didn't read the "Dell hell" chapter in "What Would Google Do?"
Honest question - How is Google going to help you with a Verizon service issue?
If the unit will work on VZW then all you need is the SIM number and the IMEI number (SN in some devices) 
I was under the impression that the open access rules for the 700Mhz LTE band mandated that carriers can't discriminate against devices connecting to their network on that band, as long as they don't harm the network.

Verizon's actions would seem to violate those rules here, wouldn't they?
I know by listening to TWIG you, +Jeff Jarvis, were looking forward to this.  Maybe it's time to make the leap to T-Mobile or AT&T because they cannot block compatible devices.  My experience with Verizon is they aren't very customer friendly.
I can't wait to hear the rant on TWiG tomorrow (^_^) 

Frakkin Verizon.... ><
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