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After three hours in class, my ass is numb (I hope that same cannot be said of the brains of my students). This would help greatly with the ass part ... and with flexibility and collaboration. A well-thought-out new classroom chair....
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Very cool. I just love seeing this kind of innovation. 
Nice innovation and really great idea! Nice because it's a simple sollution :)
I like that idea, there should be more people like them. Innovating helps a lot with many issues!
Terrific. Needs:
1) A pouch to hold stuff you want more access to than what's stored underneath the chair, but don't want on top of desk all the time.
2) Cup holder :-)
3) Some sort of electrical charging solution.
e.g. High freq wireless power dock ( 1 transmitter per room )
e.g. AC outlet in floor (in most used configuration) that when connected charges a battery attached to top of underneath storage area -- or back of chair ( would even warm the back up a bit for ya in the cold season ;-) ) Then USB hub for devices

Perhaps these features are for the upgraded version of the chair. :-)
What a great idea... too bad schools won't touch it cause they hate change and won't spend 1 red cent more on it even when it makes sense to do so.
It would be wonderful if schools could or would invest in solutions like this - pity that most public institutions don't yet recognize there is any sort of problem ~to~ be solved.
How would we begin to win them over? What appeal can we make to their love of authority, purity, and group loyalty, that would make innovations like this chair exciting and virtuous to them?
+David Eckard I couldn't agree more. The upside of increased attention and learning will be pushed aside by the cost of the increased chair prices. Too bad.
I'm a student at UC Merced, and we actually have quite a few of these chairs. Just the other day me and my friends were talking about how much we loved using them and how we wished that all the classroom chairs were the same.
+Bill Weber +David Eckard Concerning the red cent and how it is spent, I believe my school already pays around 500 for chairs? I know the library has quite a bit of chairs from this same company, the "think" model is in all the private study rooms, and they are upwards of 600 dollars.
I quite fancy one of those node chairs at home, and maybe one for each of the kids for homework.
We've had two of these on trial at +RMIT University Library over summer, and feedback has been mixed (not sure if they're this brand or not, but same colour and design). Some students say they're a bit flimsy - they creak when I sit down in them - the laptop table isn't big enough for eg pens as well, obviously they're right-handed. But they like that they can move it around near powerpoints, and don't seem to have worked out the bottom platform is for bags. I think they could work well in a teaching space with a teacher who is happy to adjust from lecture style to a more interactive mode, but I'm not sure if we'll buy more or not given the feedback.
+Emmett Buentiempo +Bill Weber Lets see, when I was in high school, they had roughly 600 pupils. ($600 - $500) times 600 pupils = $60,000. Enough to make them never see the benefits. If you are going to sell them, they MUST be cheaper.
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