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Bravo: The episode of Star Talk in which I got to chat with Neil deGrasse Tyson about journalism and media is now entirely on YouTube. Enjoy (I hope): 
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I started listening to FiveThirtyEight yesterday that had Neil deGrasse Tyson on it and thought I should check out Star Talk.  
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Jeff Jarvis

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Find the real pigeon. 
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For all the flak pigeons inspire (&, in NYC, particularly), I continuously enjoy their role as artistic muse.
I first noticed her art as a young child zoomed on a scooter towards the pigeons, then stopped short, seemingly bewildered that this loft wouldn't scatter into flight.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Taylor Swift in action last night in NJ. She does put on a helluva show. (I was there in my daughter's posse.)
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maybe he did it.nobody
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Jeff Jarvis

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Shwag at war. 
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Keep up the good work Jeff we love twit and you on the show and Google is a awesome company
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Jeff Jarvis

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Talk to the finger. 
+Jeff Jarvis doing his +EminemVEVO impersonation on TWiG. with +Leo Laporte and +Mike Elgan. Only Google in this show and +Pizza Hut latest Hot Dog crust Pizza.   
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Jeff Jarvis

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I wish they had been singing "It's a Small, Small World After All." 
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Oh God No! +Jeff Jarvis​ I was on that ride when it broke down and that song is burnt into my mind. 
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Jeff Jarvis

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Hillary Clinton's campaign gives The New York Times a badly needed lesson in journalism, the danger of scoop-thinking, the danger of unnamed sources, and the need especially today to just get it right. Damnit. 
Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri recently wrote a letter to the New York Times' Executive Editor Dean Baquet.
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The irony is amusing +Franklin Irelan. 
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Poor +Sundar Pichai. He sat down for an interview with a New York Times technology reporter, only to find himself bombarded with the same question a half-dozen ways: Aren't mobile phones bad for us? I hate it when reporters do that. Sometimes, I just tell them: No matter how often you ask me that, I will not be giving you the answer you want. 

First question: "Do you see mobile phones heading down a path of social unacceptability? Do we have a problem of overuse?" 

After acknowledging that phones can do good things -- goddamned miracles, I'd say -- the reporter comes back to his plaint: "But then people start doing things like checking their email at dinner. Are there things Google is doing to return people to where they are and reduce the temptation to look at their phone?" Like everything else, isn't this your fault, Google? 

Sundar tried to politely deflect: "You’re asking questions that have nothing to do with technology. Should kids check phones at dinner? I don’t know. To me that’s a parenting choice."

The reporter tries again. And then again: "As you have risen in the ranks at Google, have you noticed that people use their phones less in meetings with you?"

And again: "Have you done anything to ease back? I have a policy that I’m not allowed to walk around the house with my phone. It has to stay in one room."

Oh, jeesh. I imagine the reporter getting Grandma's telephone table from the front hall and tying an iPhone to it. Some of us would say that eliminating the need for wires was progress. 
Google’s senior vice president of products speaks at length about how Google products and apps try to balance giving you information with letting you live your life.
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Why should he worry when anyone check THEIR e-mail in THEIR mobile VOLUNTARILY? Its up to the end user. 

Also, how couldn't a stupid NYC reporter not know that Google should care for how and when you use your mobile? 
Whatever he use from Google and whenever is, no matter how he uses, he claims Google has a part in the ultimate effects [Be it the reporter broke with his girlfriend in chat or he was pranked by his friends on Fool's Day] and he wants them to take people where they were  [He wants them to repair the effects]
And why should a service provider take care in returning people to where they were? It is totally a reverse process in development and no one would do that.

He should've raised those questions in a live program of news channel, not to a technician, as they provide services for demands from customers.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Weird vision of Taylor Swift on stage last night caused by harsh spotlight and bad camera phone ... or proof that she is an apparition. 
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That negative silhouette is actually kind of awesome. Wonder what it would take to create that on purpose and still have a camera getting a good shot of the subject projected behind them.
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Auto awesome indeed. 
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People say things are unnatural as if unnatural things were actually possible.
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If, like me, you did not see President Obama's eulogy for the late Rev. Pinckney, here it is in full. Drop everything. Watch. It is a moment of amazing leadership. 
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My, my, my. You drank the kool-aid did you not Mr. Jarvis?
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Jeff Jarvis

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I'm delighted to see +Larry Page, Google, and +Daniel Doctoroff working on improving the lives of communities in cities using technology. As journalists, we should collaborate with such efforts as this. Our work in social journalism and news ecosystems at CUNY (not to mention entrepreneurial journalism) is my starting point....
Many of you are reading this post while living in a city. And you can probably think of a ton of ways you’d like your city to be better—more affordable housing, better public transport, less pollution, more parks and green spaces, safer biking paths, a shorter commute... the list goes on!

Many cities around the world have already made a lot of progress in some of these areas—for instance, developing dashboards to measure and visualize traffic patterns, and building tools that let residents instantly evaluate and provide feedback on city services. But a lot of urban challenges are interrelated—for example, availability of transportation affects where people choose to live, which affects housing prices, which affects quality of life. So it helps to start from first principles and get a big-picture view of the many factors that affect city life. Then, you can develop the technologies and partnerships you need to make a difference.

So I’m very excited about +Sidewalk Labs​, a new company we’ve announced today. (The press release is at if you want to read more).  Sidewalk will focus on improving city life for everyone by developing and incubating urban technologies to address issues like cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage. The company will be led by Dan Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor of Economic Development and Rebuilding for the City of New York. Every time I talk with Dan I feel an amazing sense of opportunity because of all the ways technology can help transform cities to be more livable, flexible and vibrant.  I want to thank +Adrian who helped to bring Dan on board.

While this is a relatively modest investment and very different from Google's core business, it’s an area where I hope we can really improve people’s lives, similar to Google[x] and Calico. Making long-term, 10X bets like this is hard for most companies to do, but Sergey and I have always believed that it’s important. And as more and more people around the world live, work and settle in cities, the opportunities for improving our urban environments are endless. Now it’s time to hit the streets and get to work!
We're on the brink of a historic period for cities around the world. By 2050, the population in cities will double, intensifying existing socioeconomic, public health and environmental problems. At the same time, innovations in technology can be used to design communities that are more efficient ...
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As a matter of fact, Mr. Jarvis, don't you and other journalists already collaborate with Google by trumpeting its every brainfart as a breakthrough for humanity?
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