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Very long, very well-researched explainer on the SF real-estate/tech/capitalism wars. 
The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today's Silicon Valley. This was..
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Bonus points for the headline. 
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Jeff Jarvis

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Glass is the loom of the 21st century Luddite. 

I think it's ridiculous that this journalist gets assaulted and his $1,500 property stolen and destroyed and then -- too PC for me -- works hard to "understand." 

This is going too far, San Francisco. 
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Sounds like the technologists need to stay in their ivory/aluminum/glass towers, recording themselves with Google glass.  The reality is that the world is a harsh place.  San Francisco is hardly even that "Harsh".  Try that in some parts of LA, Chicago, or New York, not even the worst in the world.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Ridiculous and offensive. It is time for San Franciscans and the city's leaders to speak out against such idiocy and intimidation or the City will be seen -- as it too often is -- as the home of kneejerk, retrograde Luddites and latter-day commies. Enough. 
Confused San Francisco protesters distribute leaflets to Kevin Rose's neighbors.

If I understand their complaint here, they say Kevin Rose is a parasite because he works at Google Ventures, which funds startups that pay well, enabling employees to live in San Francisco and buy coffee, food, babysitting services and floor-mopping services (and oral sex, but let's dismiss that one.). 

And further, San Francisco would be somehow better off if these coffee-buying, food-eating, babysitting-needing floor dirtiers didn't pay for those services.
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Anyone who moves to SF and doesn't expect some kind of class war really doesn't understand the city.
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Jeff Jarvis

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I wrote this about David Letterman in People in 1984:

He is America's No. 1 smartass. He is also, by far, the most inventive man on TV today. Letterman is a talk show host without fear. He flirts with the boundaries of politeness and humor; he'll try anything once. Like Carson (but unlike Thicke), he knows what to do when a joke bombs—and bomb they do, for that is the price of experimentation. Once, to apologize for a groaner, Letterman paid everyone in the audience $1. He's had a steamroller flatten watermelons and six-packs of beer, just for the heck of it. He's staged man-hunting duels between a Russian psychic and bloodhounds (the Russian won). He's worn a Velcro suit and thrown himself against a wall to see whether he'd stick (he did). He's had as guests a woman who costumes birds, a man who collects snowballs, a woman who collects strange nuts. He gleefully lets people make fools of themselves, and it's wonderful to watch. For as cynical and near nasty as he can be, Letterman is still one of the more likable and most entertaining people on TV. After more than two years on the air, he remains fresh. There's just one problem: He's on the air too damned late; Letterman is bad for your health. When and if Carson does decide to pass on his microphone, here's hoping that he passes it—and his earlier hour—to Letterman. If you haven't seen Letterman yet, then stay up late tonight (and call in sick tomorrow) to watch him. 
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Thank goodness we have the ability to record Dave now. 
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Jeff Jarvis

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Steve is brilliant, journopeople. Snatch him up quickly. 
I'm a free agent now. And I know a bunch of others. If you're looking for talented journalists, let me know: 
I learned a long time ago that news was a tough business. I learned it before I watched the death of the Des Moines Tribune and before I experienced the death of the Kansas City Times. I learned it...
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Jeff Jarvis

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Soon to be a regular set on CNN. 
Want to fly an Emirates A380? Take the pilot’s seat at the Emirates A380 Experience, now open at the Dubai Mall.
Emirates A380 Experience | Dubai | Emirates #emiratesairline   #airbusa380   #dubai   #aviation  
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I still have scars on my knuckles from sledding at the Dubai mall. Bled all over the pure-white faux snow.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Take that, Deutschland: Google updates Street View elsewhere in the world but after all the carping in Blurmany, it just leaves the photographic history to gather digital dust. 
Bekam den folgenden Link zugeschickt.

Google updated die Streetview Fotos in Deutschland nicht mehr und macht auch keine neuen. Jetzt sind die alle veraltet und zeigen gar nicht wie hübsch es jetzt an $ort ist.

JA WARUM IST DAS WOHL SO IHR VOLLSPRALLOS? Weil ganz fucking Deutschland "Datenschutz! Privatsphäre!" plärrend so lange einen (faktisch nicht vorhandenen) Rechtsübertritt herbeigeredet hat, dass Google sich halt das Elend spart. Sich da jetzt zu beschweren ist dümmlich auf einem Niveau, welches einerseits kaum zu ertragen aber andererseits natürlich auch symptomatisch für den deutschen Diskurs ist.
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you look like a turkish  relative
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Jeff Jarvis

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And the kids today ask, "What is that instrument he's using?" 
Quite possibly one of the most hilarious pieces of music I've heard in quite some time. h/t +Joseph Wu 
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+Nathan Weber, he's 88 years old. Not the best preconditions for a try.
On the other hand, as a singer and comedian, a precise timing was a very important part of his work and success. I'm pretty sure he would have been able to do it in real, a decade or two back in time.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Yes, Dianne Feinstein wants to define who a "real reporter" is. A reporter is one who reports.  
Dianne Feinstein wants to take away reporter protection from anyone but authorized reporters. Not sure what credentials bless one to be an official reporter. But in essence, this would mean the government would have control over who can write critically about the government.
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No, the courts are a remedy for people who disagree, however, it is a doubled edged sward. A person can claim slander or defamation, and the defendant can argue it was their free speech, and any decision will likely be based on the merits of "reasonable expectation",  did the slander or defamation occur with the reasonable expectation or intent to damage ones character, or was it a response to some communication. Then again, most slander or defamation occurs at the hands of infamous people with marketable reputation's that can cause substantial financial harm. "In-fact, many people who claim slander or defamation have flawed reputations, which voids most of these cases. On the other hand, I'd like to be able to say a person is innocent until proven guilty, yet, today we have silent court outside their innocence in a court room, yet, they are still sanctioned by society or big brother.   
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Jeff Jarvis

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During a very special interview, Vint Cerf, father of the internet talks to Leo about how it all started.

For the full interview, visit
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Thank you Jeff.  I had somehow managed to forget about this program.  It is very good.

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