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Jeff Jarvis

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Tangible evidence of #EuroTechnoPanic: an attack on Facebook's Hamburg headquarters with stones, paint, and smoke bombs.
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Die Scheiben sind zersprungen, orange Farbe tropft von den Fensterrahmen: Unbekannte haben am Samstagabend einen Anschlag auf die Hamburger Zentrale von Facebook verübt.
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Hello handsome
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Jeff Jarvis

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Yup. Pixel C aims for productivity and Chrome is by miles the better productivity OS.
I honestly think the Pixel C running Chrome OS for $500 dollars, would've been a lot more exciting than running Android.
How in the world people is going to buy one, if you can buy the iPad Air 2 64GB for $475 on Best Buy right now, which has split screen and lots of tablet optimized apps??
Touch in small screens (Smartphones) is essential. Touch on big screens (laptops) not at all. Not even Apple knows what to do with its iPad, and more and more people are not interested on Tablets. Google, again you're way late to the party.
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Jeff Jarvis

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I have seen the possible United Airlines. And it is good. 
I like United Airlines. Really, I do. Here’s how.
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Hola sii reme
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Jeff Jarvis

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After all these years, The Times gives a hand-job to Werner Erhard. Spare us the resurgence. I covered his celebrity many years ago in San Francisco (oh, if only the Examiner archives had been digitized), pissing him off a few times by ridiculing his quotes that said nothing. One from today: “Maybe life is not about the self but about self-transcendence! You got a problem with that?” 
He is the father of so much that is nonsense and narcissistic about California culture. Reading his quotes makes me mindful of the road to TED, where everybody has their 18 minutes of being Werner Erhard.
The creator of EST resurfaces as a kinder, gentler purveyor of self-actualization.
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+clara duboi 😘😘😘
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Jeff Jarvis

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Haunting rendition of Brel's "Quand on a que l'amour" at Paris memorial:
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Beautifully sung. A shame its perfomance was triggered by such a senseless tragedy.
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Jeff Jarvis

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+Dave Besbris reports much progress with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

I'll be writing a bit about that in my Observer column later this week after attending Google's Newsgeist this weekend. I also have been evangelizing AMP like crazy during my visits to Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, and Colombia -- 3G markets where much faster pages will have a much bigger impact on media businesses in mobile.

I'm glad to see that Bes says they are getting interest from "thousands of publishers." Advertising and analytics companies want to play. (My only smartass reaction is that AMP alone will not cure Outbrain's sins!) Developers are showing interest -- and that is the key to making an open-source project work.

I believe this is an important shift in how we will think of distribution and the web experience. You'll use an application like Nuzzel, click on links, and it will feel as if you've never left. My real hope is that media companies will spend less effort on copying each other and more on linking -- but that will also require a shift in business models from volume to value. One step at a time....
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Great. Now if only I could get my own publisher to adopt AMP...
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Jeff Jarvis

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This makes a lot of sense. I'd love to see a future Pixel C running a tablet version of Chrome OS. I'd definitely want to buy that. 
The Pixel C is ill-suited to Android, but it wasn't supposed to be this way...
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Bonsoir mr Comment allez et j'esperen que tous vas tres bien Moi c'est angelle et je suis de france mais precissement de rennes et j'aimerais bien fait votre ample connaissane si cela ne vous derange pas?
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Jeff Jarvis

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Republicans: It is time that you disavow Donald Trump and assure your sane friends that you will not support him should he win the nomination. We Americans expect every Muslim to repudiate every violent act by a Muslim. Well, now we expect every Republican to repudiate bigoted, demagogic acts by this Republican.

Republican frontrunner wants ‘total and complete shutdown’ of borders to Muslims after San Bernardino shooting in latest boundary-pushing proposal
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Shame on you Jarvis, and your Hillary Clinton Supporting ways. You want to bring Undefinable, high emotional arguments of "hate". Well maybe you should question yourself as a journalist. You Yellow Belly Liberal Agendist .
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Jeff Jarvis

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A very interesting debate on TWIT about Google's AMP push with +Richard Gingras and +Matt Cutts and +Jeff Jarvis and +Leo Laporte and more!  So interesting to watch.
We know Google is pushing AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages on publishers to solve the issue with the mobile web. I even said this in my what to look for in 2016 as one of my three things to look at. Ye
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oui je vai bien mon skype marina.sara07
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Jeff Jarvis

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My latest column comes from the Google Newsgeist event last weekend, in which -- true to form -- I saw some journalists acting as a herd of Eeyores. I wish for the journalists and technologists to start seeing that many of their goals are aligned.
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Jeff Jarvis

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Yo, Google: What's the deal with the Pixel C? Santa's packing the sleigh already.....
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Good point. Seriously one of the best I have seen come around this year. Be a Shame to miss out. 
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Jeff Jarvis

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Big news from CUNY and +TWiT: We are going to become TWiT's East Coast outpost and start a weekly podcast on the New York tech scene. We are looking for a producer to get everything in shape, make pilots, and then become the ongoing producer. Great gig -- pass it on!
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is planning to launch a live, weekly webcast about New York’s technology industry as part of the TWiT —...
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Would love to catch this! I visit our Ridgefield office a lot in NJ and would love to attend and watch if you all do an audience at some point. 😎
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