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For Gmail users, here's the run down of advanced query operators you can do to become a Gmail Search Ninja:

... and if you're not using keyboard shortcuts, you need to turn on and use keyboard shortcuts to become a Gmail Productivity Ninja:
(vi editor users, like me, might find some of these familiar...)
Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be us...
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Still the best email system out there by more than a mile.
Great tip, but Those tables don't don't make for a very mobile friendly view...couldn't scroll over on my galaxy nexus
Jeff - where is it written how to install inbox filters in gmail?
+Edith Wiethorn : It's at which is the very first link of the first article Jeff posted above.

Suggestion, though: try out priority inbox.

Priority inbox is like an inverse spam filter: it guesses which messages you want to see versus which you don't. If you get a lot of mail, it can even start picking up things like "you always care about special offers from REI and never care about those from Old Navy, even though neither is technically spam." It's worth your while.
Re: "vi editor users might find some of these familiar" What about those of us whose fingers are hard-wired for Emacs ☺?
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