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Finishing up my first decade at Google, and excited to return to my startup roots and begin the next one at Google X!

Let me know what you'd like to see Google X do next.
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Some sort of power solution for electronics that far exceeds the current capacity of lithium-ion batteries.
Go for the moonshot of household robots :D

We can do much better than Roomba.
Google is very lucky to have you on board with Google X +Jeff Huber. Go forth and amaze us all.
Next generation of Google Reader :)
No, really, some kind of fuel cell for mobile devices would be great. I think that battery is main issue.
Serious question +Jeff Huber ? I mean, once I start writing I might not stop =)

My X thing: For me it's quite easy to choose one thing, because what I would want to develop is so obvious to me and so easy to achieve with today's technology that I simply don't understand why it hasn't been done yet:

Create a system for streaming video and data to and from smart devices when an emergency takes place.
~ A kind of 21st century rethink of what 911/999 should be.

I made a rather crude submission to Project 10^100 back in the day, but with smart phones now being as - erm - smart as they are we could do so much more.

My original crappy entry to the competition is here. Bear in mind I had the idea back when 3G was new and apps weren't a thing. Any photos or videos on the site were hastily fashioned in one afternoon in order to meet the competition deadline.

Here's the basics:
In an emergency, instead of calling 911 you would load an app which would immediately connect your phone and its sensor data to the emergency services call centre.

In addition to voice conversation you could also easily include text or video chat, improving accessibility for the deaf, and allowing translation for foreign language speakers. As it would be an app, you could have multiple languages built-in to the UI, further improving accessibility.

Being able to see images from the mobile device's camera could help emergency services to better understand the nature and severity of an emergency. A picture, after all, does speak a thousand words.

The app could send location data to the centre too, so that callers could be easily found by emergency services. One potential application could be a "panic button" widget for the elderly that would signal the operators to call back or send an ambulance.

You could have the option of including things like your address or notes on your own medical conditions within the app so that responders have a better idea of how to help.

The app front end would allow the emergency services to display images on the user's device, perhaps leading them through first aid and CPR with visual cues.

At the other end, data could then be streamed to fire, police or ambulance crews to help them with their response.

Video streamed from the scene of a crime could even be used as evidence, and widespread adoption of the app could eventually (thinks big) reduce street crime as any phone could potentially be a CCTV camera recording criminals' street crime-ing

Basically there's so much that an ambitious app and well-designed back end could do to replace the slightly archaic systems currently employed by 911 call centres.
an engine that runs on something better than fossil fuels ha, congrats btw
Congratulations, Jeff! I can only imagine the fun toys you'll have to play with long before the rest of us. 
Edit: Take your time, I don't need it to be ready until next week.
Congrats, Jeff! I'd like to see kinetic energy used to supplement battery powered devices; sort of like regenerative braking on hybrid cars...
Completely replace <20 second animated gifs by lightweight easy to create video files, without the heavyweight end-user engagement model of youtube.
rumors are Google's already working on same-day delivery.. should cut the middle-men out and work on same-day in-home printing of whatever you order

and congrats on the move!
Cloud based AI in always connected robots.
Congrats Jeff. Mobile fuel cells (or better) and definitely rocket boots.
Congrats Jeff! Thanks for all your support.
Working on something like Graphine batteries would be pretty amazing. Or an efficient wireless charging. Those two things combined would produce ultimate phones. A phone that can charge fully by tapping it against a wireless pod would just blow my mind.
1.  A new low-power location system for physical location context-based tasks.  Think a mashup of GPS, bluetooth, NFC and wifi that can tell if you're in your living room or standing in front of the fridge.
2.  Renewable energy that is more efficient than current solar or wind solutions.  Could be an adaptation of those or something entirely new.
3.  3-D printers in every home.  Could you imagine the possibilities?
4.  Buy a cellular network (I'm thinking T-Mobile) and show all the other carriers how business should be done!
5.  Housing and social projects for the homeless or needy.  There is no reason in this day and age why people should be living on the streets.
6.  Google Nutrition/Health.  I haven't fleshed this idea out at all, but I figure if anyone can take on worldwide problems of starvation/obesity and general health issues, it would be Google.
7.  A Google equivalent to the University of Phoenix, where people can learn about whatever they like for cheap/free.  We shouldn't have to struggle to learn new skills on our own from forums and our peers alone.
8.  A massive overhaul of battery technology.  Eventually I'd like to be able to charge my devices once a week or so.
9.  A way to make recycling and material recovery nearly 100% efficient.  The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that is really efficient to recycle is aluminum.  Wouldn't it be great if we had the same efficiency for nearly everything in our lives?
New long range wireless connectivity technology that can disrupt the cellular industry.
How bout bringing back Google Reader!
Improve our democracy by running it on our mobiles.
NFC embedded under my skin on my wrist! it would unlock my devices, pay for items with the swipe of my wrist. be used as an ID. i would never have to worry about carrying a NFC Token around with me. it makes it a seamless part of your life. contact me if you would like to chat more :)
Open source the genetic engineering of food crops to promote genetic diversity on the landscape scale and benefit small farmers in the third world.
That's awesome Jeff.
How about an app that let's you find people using google maps. So when you hover on an area on the maps it suggests people and other interesting things on themaps
A smart watch that does heart rate, blood pressure, tracks workouts, etc. 
Oh, you worked on maps. The West Wing had CJ answer the question: What would you do with 10 billion? And she responded-- transportation in Africa. See video. So, just as Africa is leapfrogging with wireless comms and decentralized renewable energy production,  perhaps you could put autonomous aerial drones to work delivering medicine. 
Congratulations Jeff, I'm looking forward to 10X X!
+Brad Graves dont worry if the rumors are true, apple will be releasing one soon enough and everyone else will follow suit. I can see that being a big seller, i'd buy one.....not an apple one buy one for andoid  
A robot that could detect and improve insulation in old houses would have the potential to save half the energy the average consumer spends.  Studying wasted time spent online and making that more efficient.  Finding a way to fact-check the news in real-time to avoid the left or right going too crazy.  Space elevator to better enable rapid minerals extraction from asteroids.  Better decaf coffee.
Reading the comments, I get the impression that some people don't understand what Google X or moonshots are...
Something with real impact.  Something that matters to the world and has the potential to make gobs of money.  Nuclear power.
Add to that nuclear power a chemical fuel synthesis system that makes gasoline from air (CO2) and sea water.  Then Google can provide the world with information, energy, and materials.  Own it all!
Mind reading technology.

I don't want to TALK to Google Glass. It's ok that Google knows everything I do on the Internet and sells this information ANONYMOUSLY, but I don't want to be overheard by strangers saying "Ok, Glass, Google... how do I claim this 50 Million lottery ticket that I have in my pocket?"

Edit: Mind reading technology INSIDE the holodeck would be a plus :-)
It's been an honor to work with with you +Jeff Huber. Looking forward to seeing what amazing things you are going to work on at X!
Micro Robots that stay in the blood stream, constantly monitor the body, upload the information to the internet, comparing results, and reporting abnormal developments. Is that around yet? I have no idea
Personal jet packs! This unfulfilled dream was first popularized in the 50s and I want to see this in my lifetime!
Space elevator.  About as close to a literal moonshot as you can get.

Ubiquitous, unlimited, unfiltered, inexpensive gigabit wireless internet.  (The carriers and landline ISPs have got too comfortable with their near-monopoly positions...) 

Also, patent reform and online direct democracy.
Congrats Jeff, I always appreciated your leadership on the Apps and TV side - the team will really benefit from your experience and wisdom.
A hologram navigator that has less controlling voice...-_-;;
A star trek style transporter please. I'll watch all the ads Google's got to show me if I don't have to deal with the TSA and seemingly never ending flights.
Free or low cost WiFi/Mobile/Broadband coverage for all, maybe through power lines?
I would like to see a cloud-based interoperability platform for the Internet of Things, focused on efficient description, discovery, sharing and processing of data streams, with and without intermediate storage. Then do the same for actuation. Use the collected data from the users and ML to automatically extract the different control laws and offer them as service too.
Direct search
interfacing to the brain, it will and is happening. See Cochlear and visual implants.
+James Mason +Paul Brauner +Dean Jackson +Joren Van Severen The initial space elevator prototype was way too conventional; I didn't like the carbon nano-tube pulley system, and the magnetic linear pulse motor was underpowered so it took way too long to reach the Google Space Station with any relevant payload. I think we can easily do 10x better on the next round.
+Jeff Huber - Google Space Station: when "the cloud" just isn't high enough...
Congrats! An air traffic control system for drones would be cool, however DARPA is probably already working on that.
1. Reduce cost of medicine by 90%: Android medical diagnosis and treatment
2. Automate Teaching: Half the cost and increase children's knowledge by 30% (Deliver a "Diamond-Age" teaching book)
3. 10x the development of pharmaceuticals: 1-million person genome project, Android data-grathering; $1 chip; Compute-farms for drug development. Artificial cell lines
4. And, of course, that bed-rock of growth, dirt-cheap energy
Congrats +Jeff Huber!  
I'm really excited for you, X is going to be a LOT of fun! You were awesome on Mapping and Commerce so this will be a big win for the X team. I'm looking forward to seeing what X does next.
Congratulations Jeff,

I would like to see induction based charging incorporated in most portable devices

Device to device locational information, so I can place my laptop on the left or right of the monitor and it will sense the orientation.

Phone/pass code authentication for devices and locks

Google alarm & home management. 
clean & abundant energy, decentralized. and we need lot's of space ships and autonomous tools to capture resources from nearby planets.

but most important we need a way to better recycle or neutralize nuclear waste. ... + in the short run, large scale climate control on this planet might be needed.
You're a great leader Jeff.

(Didn't Tesla almost figure it out?)

+1 to Roberto's Holodeck idea.
+1 for wireless power. I've been begging for this for a decade.
Make G+ hangouts into a bigger, better broadcast network.
+Jeff Huber  I distinctly remember the day in the Fall of 2003 when we had our first lunch together at Salado. I tell everyone that you joining us in 2003 made the difference between Ads being $1B v/s $30B. Without your leadership we would not have gotten either the strategy or scale right. You taught me many things about how to scale and I hope you take an active role in teaching others inside and outside Google how to scale. Wish you all the best in the new role. Now I might just buy a self-driving car ...
+Keval Desai Thank you for your kind words, and for all the great work you did in the early days of ads & payments at Google. I hope things are going well for you & InterWest.
I started calling my job "Work X", but it seems just the same as it was. Am I doing it wrong?
+Jeff Huber  My suggestion about mind reading technology was partly serious. With current technology you can do things like "mouse clicks". Combine this with eye tracking or hand gestures, both also current technologies, and you have a real cool UI experience. Of course "dictating" natural language phrases with your mind is far far away technology, but a moonshoot in this area would b somewhere between this and what we have now. And because Glass will be already on your head, you can integrate the "thought sensor" easily...
Any thoughts about this? (See what I did here?)
+Jeff Huber Congrats Jeff!  I'd suggest making all the tech in "Minority Report" a reality.  Pull the semantic web, my preferences, and my location into contextually relevant information in the moment.  Oh, and add my wife's to-do list in there too!  Google Now X!
Life isn't just about more efficient or more effective technology. Put some research into how we can redistribute wealth and resources to end hunger and improve health for the masses. Develop and deploy a super effective tax system that actually works. Is that a difficult enough thing to ask for? 
+Daniel Graf Thank you for your leadership and the amazing work from the Google Mobile Maps and Geo team in building the best product in the world. I'm very excited for you & the team on the great things coming next. You're going to keep making me and Google very proud. :)
full body/tissue repair based on neuro-tech /neuro electrodes - go beyond prostheses control and actually help the brain communicate with muscle tissue to reverse atrophy or boost the endocrine system for optimal health, for example
Congrats +Jeff Huber, I love what you did with Maps. Since Google X considers moonshots, perhaps pushing this cancer research project forward would be a good investment. It could save over 20B$/year.
It's been a pleasure working with you Jeff. Thanks for all your support and evangelism of Photo Sphere and Street View! 
Jeff, you'll do the right thing, as usual. :)
Self-citing WWW or Web Browser, respectively, that eliminates redundancies on one hand, sort of shows, who is cited, even if not linked. On the other hand it shows, who is cited, even if you didn't know. Detect, how much of a published idea is new (or new at all) and shows and links in meshes the path, how the idea developped. Reinvents patent system at once.
Hi +Jeff Huber, here are my thoughts:

There's a project about maximum growth rate for plants and threes. It senses the natural pressure in leafs. When a plant is lacking water and almost dies it pushes a last pulse thru all of its vessels. If you than give water to the plants they grow much faster.
Could be some solution for world nutrition program.

In 10-15 years when computer interfaces disappeared as we know them today, programming new will become quite difficult (as we used to today). Maybe we need some solution for that.

Computers aren't made for emotions. They calculate and give answers. There is no room for something we call in German »menschliche Zwischentöne«. There are some slight projects or gadgets, but no real framework or overall solutions to give computers a more human touch. I think about Apples text2speech voice Alex which breathes after long sentences. Or Siri who sometimes is annoyed of the same question over and over again. These are all just jokes, but you get the direction…

These are just some quick thoughts during the last 15 minutes. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do and got some inspiration for your next episode in life.
A Heads-Up Display in your car, connected to your phone and having similar functionality to Google Glass!
3D display for google glasses with eye tracking, to focus/defocus augmented reality objects would be great (so other defucused objects getting blurred, like the natural vision)

also a laser instead of the "normal" display would be an improvement for the glasses (direct projection of the image on the retina)
Gadgets are cool. Why not use the powerful assets at your fingertips and have another hand in saving billions of lives.
my wish are free floating liquid plasma displays and if you need some more detailed informations on what to show on them I have something in mind and on paper with music & realtime-visuals, especially focused to support not only musicians but also involved performers & artists. Hope I could show this in detail to Google Venture in Berlin soon.
Help to further self driving cars, and help to jumpstart the next space race by furthering Moon, Mars, and Independent Habitat colonies. Go big or go home.
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