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Congratulations to the Flight Search ( team on expanding to International destinations --
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Nice, I'll definitely be using when booking my flights abroad.
But... From the USA only. Can't check for YUL to CDG. I like Google, but it is often "USA only"... Too bad! :(
I wish Google didn't try to be everything for everyone sometimes (and i'm a huge Google fan). I understand your flight tools are better now than most other sites (and Google search more useful as a result), but if you trample on too many businesses, you will be despised by some. I'm not yet clear on why google needed to do this themselves, nor is it clear to me that Google itself needed Google offers for example (i'll keep an open-mind though). Focus imo. Cheers
I'd venture to say that Google did Google Offers because of its wonderful tie-in with Google Wallet which could change the information transfer of money around the world immensely if nfc readers became widespread
+Gavin Ovsák what? So because Google has a payment system, it needs to staff up thousands of sales people, like Groupon has, to be in the group-buying business? It's not a do or die product for G to get into (unless I'm missing smthg which is possible). Let others do that. Focus
I can find round-trip flights from ORD to YYC, but not YYC to ORD? Doesn't quite make sense. I hope that full international data becomes available soon.
This is what I've been waiting for since it first launched!
...I hope they can make it work for us Europeans soon :P
Love how (YVR) Vancouver, BC doesn't work.
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