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More than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours after release! 

We're excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world. Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years.

If you're an iPhone user and haven't downloaded the Maps app yet, get it on the App Store or visit:

If you already have it -- thank you, and please tell a friend.  Any feedback you have is welcomed, here in G+ or in the app (just shake it).
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XD so much for the Apple Maps LOL. Congrats GMaps Team. 
I'd love to see numbers on how many people upgraded to iOS6 once this was released. It was the only thing keeping me from updating my Apple products.
When you release it for the South American Peolple ?? Can*t wait !!
What is that? Shake to give feedback? That's pretty cool. I don't have an iPhone so I can't test it out...
I think I saw a stat somewhere that it ticked up about 0.2% in initially. Maybe over the weekend it was higher?
Great App. Access to my Maps in the App would be helpful... 
Wei Wu
what a win for "focus on the users and all else will follow"!
Is that more than the number of Nexus 4 mobiles manufactured?
(still waiting for mine... won't get it till after xmas ;_;)
The other big key is to make sure all these new Google apps (Gmail/Chrome/Search/Maps) all use the URL schemes and share sheets to let users essentially let those apps be the "defaults" for Google power-users.
Congratulations Google Maps Team and thank you for a very nice designed app and a very good maps experience on iOS!
I wonder, can I disable the annoying "3D view" and keep it normal 2D while using the turn by turn directions?
LuciO M
Bring "Flyover" cuz Google Earth isn't cutting it. 
Google maps is the best....
Why would google help apple like that? Especially when apple s*its on everyone.
How can I open a map that I made from the desktop in the google maps app in iOS ? before I used to send an email to myself and it opened in google maps, now it opens in safari for iOS....
This shows the massive number of iPhones around the world. Kickass..!
Congrats. Suggetion: Integration with phone contacts, plus (perhaps I missed it since I've barely toyed with it so far), ability to open "my maps" created on the desktop and, of course, iPad support, since I have an Android phone but a tablet!
I use google for my maps, music, storage, calendar, e-mail, syncing, and I use it all on an iPhone. So thanks google for not punishing me for my choice of mobile device. Great job.
now you just need to add some of that functionality to my android google maps!  for example, being able to choose alternate routes!   Why has the iphone always been able to do that and I have not!  What if Gmaps accidentally sends me down a road that is HOV-2 only, or down a road that's closed in the afternoon...  
I use Google for EVERYTHING.  My Ipad has more google apps than Apple apps...but damn, come on!
For some reasons Indians love anything with apple logo
Awesome! Congratulations team Google Maps.
As I wrote before iOS was even publicly released: many of us would love a Google maps app.

My expectation was pretty high - with my fingers' crossed for public transport, but the fluidity of the app is also impressive.

I'm optimistic that more will come in this app - I'd love to see latitude either integrated or it's own app updated.

But first: Have a great holiday.
I can't believe my eyes. The best maps app everrrrrrr. Thanks for coming back to my iphone!
+David Andre You can get alternate routes (at least on ICS+). When navigating, there is a menu option "Route and alternates" and you can view several different routes with distance and time differences.
I downloaded it and it looks nice, but I'm not sure it's got any compelling feature to make me stop using Apple Maps. 
I find the fanboy loyalism more than a little weird on both sides. The Apple Maps app looks great, and is much more tightly integrated into their OS. Google wouldn't give them turn by turn nav, so I don't blame Apple for going in their own direction. Once they got kicked off, Google suddenly had a big change of heart and now is happy to give iOS customers free turn by turn. Looks like everybody wins.

And FWIW, I've paid for and used half a dozen nav apps, and NONE of them has ever been without error from time to time -- not even your beloved Google. More choice is a good thing.
that's what you get if you
1. leave out functions for older iPhone's
2. have people starve because they are stranded in the middle of Australia
3. think, less is more, but too little won't do ( no public transportation for Apple Maps )
When are you going to make public the API keys for the iOS SDK?
Waiting for the iPad app, and yes address book support either google or ios would help.
So.. finally the paper maps at apple stores have stopped selling. Sad..
I already expected this to happen that the app will be popular.
Love it.  Problem: when iPhone4 hooked to the car stereo via cable, the directions do NOT come through the stereo - they continue to play from the iPhone.
very nice
But it's only for US market. I thought we were total bros Google!
Y porque en Chile todavía no esta disponible?
Donie D
Bring a better experience to South America, for places Like Guyana, and Brasil.
it's not available in my country, so a big disapointment for me. =(
I miss ipad native version. But I'm happy with iphone version. Thanks 4 the great work.
I don't use maps on my ipad (have a better Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 for that purpose) but installed Google maps on the ipad just to piss off Apple. Hèhèhè...  ;)
Awesome work! Show them how its really done. It is obvious they can not build a whole mapping system "overnight"
Still not available on the Colombia App Store :( Looking forward for it
I downloaded on the morning it was available. 
when is going to be available the app on apple store from chile?
Isn't it exhausting all your back-and-forth about Google versus Apple? Geez quit your griping. Add something positive or constructive for a change. 
Still not available in Malaysia
What a Map........... :)
hi, when will you guys release it to the rest of the countries?
Paul V
good job guys , thx . Now is there any way i can look up my search history like in apple maps ? Thats the only thing i like in apple maps , click on search and there you have all history....
It looks nice, but could use some improvement.

1. For locations you save, the little star icons are just way too hard to see

2. When looking in the recent locations, it only shows locations you've saved previously. Somewhere you looked up yesterday doesn't show there. 

3. A slightly bolder font would be nice. I have good vision and the text on the profile/history screen is a little faint even for me.

4. Roads on Apple's app are labeled much better. Looking at the same area on each app, the roads on Apple's are easy to read and more roads are labeled. Lessens the need to zoom in closer.

5. A more simplified process of saving locations would be nice. Like simply dropping a pin (or something) and then being able to label it easily. The Maps+ app does a good job with this

I honestly think it's about even with Apple's Maps, and neither is as good as the old "Google Maps"
Its the best app for maps in Apple Store. I had Tom-tom GPS but now I only work with Google Maps for Iphone.
Thanks you, Google.!
Still shows my location 600m to the ESE. Seems to be true for others here in Macau. Other GPS apps are spot on, including the Google web app - what's that about?
Still unavailable on the iTunes Store for Colombia :(
Google should be the only search bar and the only map app out there period
Congrats on the new Google Maps app!
IMHO, Apple owes you, Google. You kick their butt, and you save their butt too. Kudos!
Used Google Maps to navigate around Lansing, MI for a pro-labor demonstration a couple weeks ago,and it worked terrifically.
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