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Congratulations to the +Google Maps Street View Team on the beautiful new Street View exhibit at the Computer History Museum (! 

For those in Silicon Valley, if you stop by and check it out you can even sit in a Street View car or ride a Street View trike.

Thanks to +Evan Rapoport for all the hard work setting it up.  
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Are they also going to feature a live Googler with the hiking camera streetview (trailview?) setup strapped to their back in the museum?  :P
Just REALLY hope all this hard work is sill appreciable from an iOS device.. I can assure you that just because some of us have iPhones and iPads doesn't mean we don't prefer google maps over the elementary stuff apple is said to be proposing! We need a great Google Map app. Pleeeease! [just edited typos and clarity]
We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.
+Jeff Huber Would that involve dedicated apps or web-based services like the Maps you already offer in Safari?
I love +Google Maps ...such a great service to have available for free. That's why I like to use Map Maker to help make it even better :)
Is there any way I can get a job at Google as a driver?
Any likelihood of turn by turn coming to iOS from google maps?
I'm also looking forward to an amazing Google Maps experience on iOS, and since you have to compete, one of the coolest things you could do is include offline support for My Maps.  One of the most awesome features of +Google Maps.
Just want to Eco that I LOVE Google Maps on my iPhone. 3D and flyover is good and cool, but I really enjoy what I have now. Please don't stop making this accessible to iOS users because Apple is being stupid. 
It would be nice to see an sdk for mac/ios developers to use as an alternative to mapkit.
Aww yeah! Man, Google Maps works perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus, it's very useful :)
You know, there is something big to do in google maps, that would open a new service for google.  It is a complete and combined service like adwords + adsense... but in a new area! Where can I send the ideia in private mode?
It's sad that with less than a month to go until Apple ruin navigation on the iPhone, Google are silent about a maps application. Google's lack of commitment to maps, and Apple's lack of experience and street view functionality make me reticent to remain in either ecosystem.

Should I be thinking of switching to Nokia devices for a clear and consistent strategy? The last thing I want is to be surprised by the navigation on my phone.
+Jeff Huber When do you expect to launch a native iOS Google Maps app? Will it be ready in time for iOS 6? Sometime this year?
i waited for the car's steering wheel in my hands and i am so ready now
+Google Maps - Prepare for the influx of #iLost iOS6 users. Can you rescue them with a native app, or are you hoping they'll come home to Android? :)
If Google won't provide a native app on iOS and Apple can't provide proper mapping, it's the customers who lose. I certainly won't buy any product from a company which is willing to harm it's customers over a dispute with a competitor.

Apple and Google have both lost  my business at this point.
I saw an article that was saying just that. But I would think that the backlash from that would be even worse (if possible) than the current backlash. 
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