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Very excited about the launch of Google Drive today! Congrats to the Apps team!

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It looks great, and it works! My files are synched now where ever I am. Great job!
Looks good, now put out a Linux app so I can use it fully to replace dropbox.
Yea baby, bring it on. The more the merrier.
I have .72GB of 85GB used, ~ 1%. Where does the 85GB come from? I have 22.5 GB in Picasa, the storage page shows 22.5 / 80 GB (Paid Plan). Either way - this will be an awesome service.
Useless; No way to make it use a proxy user and pass
I think OwnCloud is the most promising Dropbox alternative still. I like the idea of just a remote server with an open protocol, and then open source syncers to install on your clients.

But I think Drive could be a nice addition to Google Docs, for sure.
+Howard Johnson it's free, but they made the cost of upgrading your storage about 5x as expensive.
I just installed it :) yup +Tom Everitt you are right. Drive seems like nice addition to G Docs. I still find it Box the most useful.
dropbox has linux support. but google who uses linux for android did not feel compelled to create a linux version for their drive offering? #leeching
i tried dropbox, but didn't care for it. They also have(had?) a promo that gave extra space if you used them to store your photos.
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