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Very nice meeting Luca di Montezemolo and Marco Mattiacci of Ferrari in their silicon valley visit today. Luca's enthusiasm and passion for all things +Ferrari is evident! The FF is pretty nice, too...
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Ohh envious. And yes, that is a very nice looking car.
Did you get to take it for spin?
That car is amazing +Jeff Huber. I was lucky enough to get to drive one last weekend and it's simply out of this world.
with names like that they had no choice but to be with Ferrari! Imagine.. I am Luca Di Monetezemolo and this is my Honda civic!!
Bit of an understatement, +Jeff Huber... (Still not sure the world was ready for the Ferrari station wagon -- er, "shooting brake" to the Brits -- but Ferrari customers certainly were!)
Cool, let's go for a two for one deal ;-)
I see they were nice enough to bring it over to the campus too. =)
Awww, I had no idea he was coming to Google! +Jacky Lam and I went over to Stanford and saw his talk during lunch and he mentioned how he'd met with Tim Cook yesterday. I should have figured maybe he'd swing by our office too.
I wish I get to drive it around Google's test track, all in first gear! Haha. 
Thanks for sharing. Massive Google and F1 fan and you just put them both together. Wow
Did he go for a ride in our self driving cars? :)
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