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Google Offers +page is now up & running. Visit and [Follow] to get the latest on new features and inside access to the best deals.
Love a good deal? You’re on the right page. Besides bringing you new Offers every day in almost 40 cities, here’s what else you’ll see when you visit us:

* New feature announcements
* Stories from Google Offers customers
* Spotlights on some of the businesses we partner with
* Hangouts with the team
* More Offers!

Give us a +1 and let your friends know where to find us.

The Offers G+ Team
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Welcome +Google Offers page to Google+. We´ll keep tuned! Looking forward to learn from Google Offers Customers´ stories..
Lovely cupcakes or what are they? +Jeff Huber thanks for the great share! :D
Gene S
As usual, not available outside of the US.

First +Larry Page pissed off his international followers by posting a Nascar video blocked outside of the US, now +Jeff Huber is promoting offers available in the US only.

Guys, Google is supposedly an International company. Google leadership is expected to have broader vision than MTV campus. More than 50% of Google revenue comes from outside of the US. A good chunk of people on G+ are outside of the US. Why do you keep acting like nothing but US matters?
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