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Aaahhhh.....Very nice. Now, let's see if I can get my Broadcom wireless to play nice with this release. I really dislike my Broadcom wireless chipset.
+Chad McCullough I've found it is always worth my time to go buy a 20$ Intel wireless chip to replace a boardcom one in any system I know I will be using Linux on long term.

That being said - there is a great article on our wiki for building the boardcom drivers on Bodhi - I use it on my mother's netbook.
Completely agree, Jeff. This Broadcom chipset in my laptop has been nothing but trouble. Now, Bodhi runs great on my older ThinkPad T42 (with an Intel wireless chipset). :-)
+Jeff Hoogland - Hey! Good news! I installed 1.4.0 on my Dell with the Broadcom wireless chipset and it's working great. Could it be the newer kernel?
Time to give your distro a spin, thnx Jeff (and team)!
Okay, spoke too soon. The wireless just stopped working. Shows that it's connected to my access point but just stopped passing anything. I've been stuck in Fedora land for too long...Can someone remind where I would change the wireless nic from Wlan0 to eth1? Someone mentioned that they have constant issues with the B43 firmware, too, and changing this resolved their issues. Not sure how this would resolve the issue but it's worth a shot.
So far so good for 1.4.0 & my broadcom card... I agree that it's a PITA.. really like bodhi though. Good job Guys!
Kind of surprised but changing it from wlan0 to eth1 may have resolved the intermittent disconnect issues.
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