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Apparently, G+ "nicknames" aren't the same as one's "google account nickname".  My goog acnt nickname has been "=JeffH" for years, but noooo, I'm not allowed to set my G+ nickname to that because of the special char "=" in it. sigh

I wouldn't care that much about it if it wasn't that recently another "Jeff Hodges" has shown up working publicly in similar areas as I do, and thus it is now more important to me, and I'd trust our various correspondents too, to be able to easily disambiguate us.  

I've been keeping the "=JeffH" i-name conceit, even thought i-names never caught on (which is what I'd expected but that's another story) because I figured if any other "jeff hodges" showed up (and gee, it did happen), then the "JeffH" moniker would still be disambiguated by the nerdy that-didn't-quite-work-out "=" sign. 

So I'm disappointed that I can't wield it here, and I'm hoping that Jeff (M) Hodges doesn't choose to also go by "JeffH" hereabouts....

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Brad Hill on whether TLS/SSL is broken and how to fix it: <> From #RSAC panel discussion last week

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Real World Crypto Workshop has been interesting, and a great way to catch up with various colleagues f2f :)

Innaresting to note:  G+ allows editing of posts (my fat fingers thank them), but it seems that shared posts aren't subsequently updated?  Not within a few minutes anyway (will check again later)

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This is Good Stuff:
Five years on since 'clickjacking' became a big deal, it remains one of the big unsolved security problems for mashup-type applications that use cross-origin framing and embedding.  While it's far from a perfect solution, the W3C WebAppSec WG has taken a step towards providing developers standardized tools for protecting their users from click fraud with its release of a First Public Working Draft of the User Interface Safety Directives for Content Security Policy.  If you're interested in this area of web security, we would appreciate your comments.

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As others have noted, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is now finalized/published as RFC6797:

RFC 6797 - HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Although I'm honored by the various folks who've added me (i.e. my online G+ -specific persona) to their various circles, I remain underwhelmed and frustrated by today's webapp-based social network services, for various reasons. To clarify: even though I have my account here, I'll only occasionally use it - largely for familiarity/testing reasons. So don't be expecting me to have this webapp constantly open in a browser window, waiting to pounce on any or all of those pithy posts and notifications trickling through, or for myself to emit a constant stream of such. If you really want/need to contact me, email, instant messaging, or PSTN (sms/voice) remains your best choices, and I can be "followed" on the various public and private email distribution lists I participate on, or on my blogs, or on (ugh) twitter. Just sayin' (so y'all r aware). :-D

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