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Jeff “FunkyStickman” Hendricks
Born-again techno-geek renaissance man. Literate hack with a torque wrench. Bike commuter, Linux guru, chiptune generator.
Born-again techno-geek renaissance man. Literate hack with a torque wrench. Bike commuter, Linux guru, chiptune generator.

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Doing more computer work. Currently working on making this old server into a full-blown studio production DAW. 

Old Technology Is Best

For a few months now, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an old typewriter. Preferably, a manual (non-electric) one. And what happens to show up at the local Goodwill?? A mid-1960’s Underwood Touch-Master 5. It’s crusty, dirty, and needs a lot of love. But it works!

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Short jaunt around town this morning. A little foggy. Rode the LHT until I get Mr. Tuffys for the Peugeot. That thing is a flat magnet.
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I'm now offering my services for computer repair, bike repair, music lessons, music theory tutoring, story and paper editing/proofreading, and a few other things I've probably forgotten to mention.

Contact me if you'd be interested! Have a great day!

My facebook business pages:
(Computer repair)


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What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ? What does it mean, what does it require? I spent some time this weekend contemplating on what I needed to do, at the very least, to say I’m actively living out my faith. What are the basic tenets of…

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In a few weeks, I’ll be unemployed, and I will finally get the chance to go back to being self-employed. This is a big risk for me, of course, because there’s always the possibility that I’ll just not find enough work, and will have to go back working for…

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There are tons of websites, books, and shows about self-improvement. It’s a billion-dollar business. Everywhere you look, there’s ads for someone offering to help you become a better person. Is this what God really wants of us? We know that God can use…

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The Kid and I went to a crit bike race held downtown. It was a lot of fun, until he wiped out. I think he'll be back on the bike soon, though.
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At one point, I actually had a topic schedule here at Outside The Box. I had different topic categories to write about for each day of the week. I did that for a couple of months actually, until work got the best of me, and I had to drop a few of the…

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In the last few weeks, there’s been quite a bit of news going on with the Presidential campaign (which I won’t talk about) and how the media covers it. Specifically, there’s been a LOT of people complaining that social media platforms are censoring honest…
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