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After a long rain delay at +Daytona International Speedway, it's #NASCARPrimetime for the #Daytona500. Tune into +FOX Sports. The +Drive to End Hunger +Team Chevy restarts P7. Have you checked out the new and #Team24 Fan Club? #NASCAR #Team24
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I've been waiting to Jeff I've been switching back to drag racing and Arizona 6 hours huh it's worth the wait good luck Jeff
Get that #24 Chevy to victory lane where it belongs. Go JG!!!
GET UP THERE DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sigh) Now we got this going again. THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
You got that right, let's do this #24!¡!

jonnette williams
Go get em big guy...especially Kenseth!!!!
THE NUMBER 3 CAR GOT HIT GOT HIT GOT HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 3 car still in it though, caught up n the wreck, still gonna be a Big one yet to come
Good for Jeff let's move to the front with ur teammates
I do cartoons....but I really LOVE fast cars.....thank you 4 this!!!!
Sitting on the edge of my couch, Anxiety kicking in. Go get it JG!!!

jonnette williams
Winner winner Dale Jr. Congrats. Wat a gr8 start to the season
Jeff gordon is a great driver diehard gordon fan all the time no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job out there Jeff! Yet another win for Hendrick Motor sports! Congrats to you and your team in the top 5 finish. 
I know that Dale Sr is proud of his son right now . This was a long win a coming. Great job Dale. God bless you. Looking forward to more wins in the future. 
Long rain delay.... that's why every other auto racing (except drags, because that would be impossible) calls it Nancycar.  Put on some rain tires and race.  Others do it with open cockpits.   I gave up watching Nascar years ago because of this.  Oh, and the incredibly boring train of cars following each other for 490 miles, then racing for 10, and the caution flag collecting the cars together. Lame. 
Great finish for Jeff and Jimmie also.
Now let's get the championship trophy...
Jeff's former crew chief, Steve Letarte, wins his first Daytona 500 with Dale Jr....Dale's second Daytona 500 win!
Jeff gave Jr. a great push on the restart to cushion the lead, and another win for Hendrick Motorsports. Great job everyone, thanks for an exciting race. 
Congrats on your top 5 finish. Thanks for pushing Jr to victory. Alabama has a national holiday. You're no. 1 to me!
Rod C
+Robert Spendlove then please keep your comments to yourself and take your bad view of this sport, along with your bad attitude, somewhere else. Stop trolling.
Good race Jeff lets win the next one
Such a good run wish we coulda been closer to Junior but it was a great push to the front and Phoenix is always a good track for us go get em Jeff
Way to go Jeff, great race from a first class race car driver. Top 5 is awesome. 
Great job Jeff!!If not for you junebug would still have only 13 wins in his cup career.wonder if he would do the same for you,i doubt it...
Good race jeff. Just finishing is a winner in my book. Congrats
No matter what JEFF, i will be a FAN of the ''24'' , all the best to you and your team.
Great job Jeff, but like so many I was glad to see Earnhardt win.
Good Job Jeff and thanks for helping jr. Win the race with that push.
Happy for Dale Jr thanks Jeff nice Jr won n not 2nd again go get more checker flags Jr u can do it now for the CUP TROPHY 
Good start to the Cup season for Jeff. 
so how about that wreck thursday. 15 did a complete barrel roll and landed it nicely. gordon is still my number 1 though.
I was called a troll for my earlier comment.  I don't even care enough to +1 your name to this.  Why?  Because the fans, who the drivers are ultimately there for, don't want to sit in the rain waiting for a delayed race.  Neither do people who watch at home.  So you're either a racer, who is at the mercy of the car in anything other than perfect conditions, or a driver, who will maintain control of the car when the conditions change.  I believe the new announcement is "Drivers, start your engines!" so decide... racer or driver.   
24 24 2424 24 24!!    best number....after 22
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