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Feeling, Seeing, Doing, Being
Feeling, Seeing, Doing, Being

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"Celebrating" 9/11 (September 11, 2013)

A dozen years ago already.  Almost last century. And I remember the sirens. New York is, has always been, a hot bed of decibels.  Among other gruesome sounds and noises, sirens forever going off ... but on this date twelve years ago, as I sat on the...
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Commit to Recognizing Mental Illness:

Strive to discover the reason(s), the need for:

- 24/7 #connectivity

- social media-driven #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

- (over)"sharing" and becoming "friends" with strangers

- walking into a movie theater, shopping district, disco, nightclub, restaurant, concert hall, place of worship, armed with weapons and intent to use them.

ASK yourself

Why? Is this happening?
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The Image Game
on WordPress turns One Early this year, I said Goodbye to the "Lo-Fi Project" :  a year-long adventure in cell phone photography , playing around with different devices and moods. My 'weapon of choice' in this regard has been, and still is, my trusty (and c...

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Nice url!
Nevertheless... Lovingly curated playlists & 'digs' from a total non-player

(musically speaking ;)
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Mind(ing) the Gap
Hope you're having a great   AM!   C U Soon ...

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Splash Forth (Summer)

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And Jeff Jumps In
A Prose Bopsody on "Sonny Rollins" in The New Yorker Jazz. What do those four letters, that word, mean to you ? Say it ... like a smoke-filled horn player.  Like a bassist with a blues and mean streak ... a chord progressionist, stiff-fingered note dancer, ...

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Zero Humanity + Daily Indignity =
Not Ann. I spoke last week with a friend of mine in Istanbul.  Ann has been living in Turkey for the past ten years or so.  Having just become a part-time expatriate myself, I was happy to catch up with her ... but decidedly less happy that our conversation...

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