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Live-plussing the #socg2012 business meeting.  Going for chronological order instead of reverse, even though new stuff shows up under the (rasm frasm) fold.

• Number of times asked "So, Jeff, what is the drinking game?" in the first 60 seconds of the meeting: Three.

• Jack thanks the other event organizers, especially the local UNC staff.  Lots of external sponsors.

195 registrants, including 83 students, as of this afternoon (which is the largest in SOCG history except Saarbrücken in 1989 and Nice in 1995).  Previous years: 2009 Aarhus 135, 2008 College Park 141, 2007 Korea 111, 2006 Arizona 126, 2005 Italy 120.  If you have banquet tickets that you don't intend to use, please give them back to Jack.

• Jack calls the budget "interesting". Food $29K (10 SOCG + 9.8 AG:APT + 9.2 banquet). Dorm $8.6K. Invited speakers $5K. Proceedings $4.3K. ACM fees $3.2K.  Contingency $2K.  Administration $2K. Registration online $1.5K.  Transportation $1K.  Total budget: $56.6K

• Sue Whitesides and Tamal Dey's PC report:  Thanks to the 19-member PC.  156 abstracts, 126 submissions (100 within 20 minutes of the deadline), 2 withdrawals, 44 accepted papers (=35.5% acceptance rate).  3 reviewers per paper, ~20 papers per PC member.  One month of PC deliberations done electronically through Easychair.

• Tamal shows the usual silly stats (DRINK!): Guaranteed acceptance for 6 authors or 8 authors.  Stats by author classification: applied 0% (0/8), combinatorial 41% (11/27), topology 44% (7/16), experimental 0% (0/1), algorithms 31% (38/55), structures 53% (8/17).  (DRINK!) Denmark 100%, Germany 50%. (DRINK!) Acceptances by number of updates: 0 updates: 30%, 1 update:31%, 2 updates: 53%, 4 updates: 44%, 5updates: 67%, ... 15 updates: 100%! (DRINK!)

• Tamal thanks Skype. Applause. (DRINK!)  Oops, Tamal forgote stats by last update time (DRINK!).

• *Simultaneous submission to a journal: Allowed or not?*  Nobody on the PC thought the rules were ambiguous.  Exactly half of the PC thought it was allowed; exactly half thought it was forbidden.  (One PC member was traveling when the vote was taken.)

Here's the actual rule: “Concurrent submission of the same (or essentially the same) abstract to SoCG and to another conference with published proceedings is not allowed. An extended abstract of a paper that is under journal review, or scheduled for publication in a journal after June 2012, may be submitted, when it is clear that the extended abstract differs substantially from the journal version. In such cases, the authors must include the journal version in an appendix that clearly identifies the status of the journal submission.”

* Awards: Two Best Paper awards, to be announced at the banquet.  Best Student Paper award was discussed but too complicated because of coauthor issues (sigh), so Best Student Presentation award instead, chosen by the audience.  Please turn in your forms, with scores, by lunch tomorrow. (Magically, all student presentations are today and tomorrow, so the award can be given out at the banquet.)  Thanks to sponsors for funding extra banquet tickets for students so the winner can actually pick up the award.  Clap.  Drink.  Hic.
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