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“Adding it all up, a reasonable imputed estimate for JMLR’s total direct costs other than the volunteered labor (that is, tax accountant, web hosting, domain names, clerical work, etc.) is less than $10,000, covering the almost 1,000 articles the journal has published since its founding — about $10 per article. [...] How do I know all this about JMLR? Because (full disclosure alert) I am [the publisher].”
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Finally! A blog that spells out the cost structure of a volunteer-run journal. This is what I suspected it should be (except for the accountant fees - those were a surprise!). It's good that someone who has actual data is speaking up. And I couldn't agree with him more about the so-called 'type-setting service' a commercial publisher claims to provide.
+Jeff Erickson This is gold. I'm sharing this. $10 per article to publish one of the top journal of its (pretty important) field. Please... let someone start a database journal on this basis. I'll volunteer lots of free labor if it helps.
Hey Jeff. Thanks for the article. The data you are providing are precious. I'm glad the hard data backs up my argument with Kent Anderson. His whole diatribe constitutes another empirical confirmation of Upton Sinclair's famous principle: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it".
In the exchange on Scholarly Kitchen, one of the persons arguing against me appears to be a right-wing climate change denier. Facts don't seem to matter to them, unfortunately.
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