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An (ahem) interesting detail I haven't seen elsewhere.

“On March 22nd, the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Departmentat UF unanimously proposed to President Machen the creation of a College of Computing. A few weeks later, Dean Abernathy proposed her alternative modelfor the future of the computing discipline at UF - namely, dismemberment."

This seems to be a relatively common situation. Apparently, proposals to merge CS into ECE and proposals to create expand CS into an independent college always appear simultaneously out of the academic æther, like electrons and positrons, or whales and petunias.

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A must read, but a sad way to take advantage of the metaphor.
+David Karger Ok. Now... see?... that's why Computer Scientists have no friends in high places... too nerdy... ;-)
+Daniel Lemire So whales and petunias are "nerdy", but no comment about electrons and positrons? Riiiight.
I like how he ignores the undergrad computer science degree which is only in CISE, pretends the two CE degrees are the same since they have the same name, claims that GaTech has a structure that they don't, and finally states without argument that CISE had already "eliminated the PhD program in CISE by their own choosing, by focusing on the applied research in Computer Engineering," which doesn't even make sense.

Right now they've tabled the Dean's plan and the faculty of the two departments are supposed to be negotiating a new merger plan. I'm not sure how they expect to negotiate in good faith when the chair of the other department is spreading these falsehoods.
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