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I'm happy on my mountain, how about you? I could use some alien skin boots though (to go with my new spaceship).
aha, this is great!

'Everything Wrong With #Humanity, In One Short Animation' 8 Million views so far #EarthDay #Life

Dem #CRT computers!
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Jeff Earls

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Suggestions for a VoIP provider?

We have Fonality Trixbox PBX locally, but multiple times a week, for about an hour, it just "freaks out" and randomly drops the phones, reregistered, drops the phone.

Been working with Fonality support, they don't have a clue, blame our network, but we see no evidence of any problem with the network.

So we're ready to move on...  Suggestions?  We have a bunch of Polycom IP560 phones we'd like to keep and use with the new service...  That's about the only requirement.
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+Jeff Earls this really smells like the same thing I was fighting. I apologize in advance, but for anyone following us, the basics of a Voip provider to server solution in registering the trunks. If those trunks drop, no inbound or outbound calls are possible. Station to station is not effected, as that traffic is all in-house.  The registration traffic (at least with my provider) is a few UDP packets every 30 seconds or so.  
The Sonic's have a global setting called Default UDP Connection Timeout, and the is 30 seconds. If you don't override that, your Sonic may drop the registration, as the UDP timeout is reached before the regular 30 second heartbeat.

Most folks in my circles recommend setting that to 180 seconds. (Firewall Settings-> Advanced -> Default UDP...")

There is also a similar setting in the Firewall-> Access Rules > (LAN>WAN)---Advanced Tab.  Set it to 180 also.

For us, this would work for a while, but only until the Sonic would reset the default, then we'd jump through it all over again.  It may have been a bug, it may have been our hardware, but I fixed all the VOIP problems, and some basic streaming (UDP) issues when I tossed Sonicwall.  Since they were bought out by Dell, the performance and support has just not been there.  Our Watchguard's don't suffer from this.
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Jeff Earls

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Death optional?
The Kindle version of "Death is Wrong" is now FREE on Amazon until April 22:

If you obtain a free version and like what you read, please give the URL to any children you know who have Internet access, and support our effort to spread 1000 paperback copies to kids, free of cost to them!
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Jeff Earls

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Aereo will see the SCOTUS on 04/22/2014!  Here's hoping for a hasty victory.
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my fingers are crossed.  best $12 I spend every month.
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Jeff Earls

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Of course!
The difference between a computer scientist and a computer engineer :) 
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Jeff Earls

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lol., man, busy day for Netflix apologists?

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Jeff Earls

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I don't care where they put it at this point, but I'd like to view a history of my plus ones!
+1 if you think it'd be great to have a Google+ folder in the files app.

I would love to have every photo and video quickly and easily sharable every time I access my file picker. To have every photo backed up from my phone instantly in my File picker would be a wonderful experience.

A Chromebook would really feel like a fully integrated Google product with this feature.
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Yeah, I think it'd be great to be able to go back through a list of everything I hit +1 on, would make it kind of like bookmarking a webpage.
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Jeff Earls

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"what we have in America isn’t real capitalism. Real capitalism is a much more subtle, sophisticated, and humane idea. We just haven’t tried it yet in the right way."

I needs me some real capitalism!11
"We just haven’t tried it yet in the right way."
Most libertarians have probably had something like the following conversation: COM:
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Try reading some Hayek to learn more about REAL capitalism. 

This site is really good too:
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Thank you!11  Google Chrome Remote Desktop 
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Just giving this a whir on mine.  Seems to work great.  I have been missing this since LogMeIn took a dump on me.
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Jeff Earls

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I look forward the ultra-obnoxious replacement.
Google has cracked the CAPTCHA 
Google has cracked the CAPTCHA. In a paper published this week, Google researchers say that they've developed an algorithm that can accurately solve Google's own CAPTCHA puzzles — those...
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R u related to freddie wong
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Being Awesome, also computers, lots of computers.
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