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Open Source Release of TensorFlow

I'm very excited to announce the open source release of the TensorFlow machine learning library that I and many others at Google have been building.

This blog post gives an overview:

The web site has a number of tutorials and documentation about the system:

The source is on GitHub:

You might also be interested in the whitepaper we've prepared that describes TensorFlow in more detail:

We'd love to hear what people think.
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Hum. Does anyone else here got InsecurePlatformWarning from urllib3 ? ...PS-> I know I do have crypto karma 
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Jeff Dean

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Last week at BayLearn, I announced the Google Brain Residency Program, a one year program for people with computer science background who are interested in Deep Learning to join us at Google, study machine learning and conduct research with our team.

Details, timeline and application process:

You'll get to work with people like:
+Geoffrey Hinton (Scholar:
+Samy Bengio (Scholar:
+Ilya Sutskever (Scholar:
+Quoc Le (Scholar:
+Greg Corrado (Scholar:
+Oriol Vinyals (Scholar:
me (
... and many others ...
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the company will be among the top 50 companies in the world through 2 years. I'm sure of it! Thank you
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Jeff Dean

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This list was pretty interesting (I knew about many of the CS courses, but didn't really have a strong sense that some of these other subjects might be so popular).
The 50 most popular MOOCs of all time. Lots of math, science, and practical basic and advanced computer science courses, with a smattering of history, psychology, finance, and various other topics thrown in. But the #1 surprised me: Philosophy. Really? Never would've expected that.
These Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are tried and true and have been taken more than any others online. From top research universities and Ivy League schools, check out our ranking if you're looking for your next class online.
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MOOCs are an amazing way to dig deeper into areas of interest, expanding knowledge. I wish I had this opportunity to learn before entering university 23 years ago.
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Jeff Dean

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Like a crazy amusement ride for your bags! There's a lot more different types of mechanisms than I would have thought.
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Way more intricate than I imagined! Human invention amazing me.
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Jeff Dean

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I'm very happy to work for a company that takes the threat of climate change seriously.
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I wish I could work for such a company... applying like a mad man but my chances are slim, but I wont stop
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Jeff Dean

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+Luiz André Barroso and I had a great time yesterday giving a tour of Google to a bunch of +Manchester United players and staff. Topics of discussion ranged from whether or not Luiz had the soft Brazilian football touch, to internet balloons, self-driving cars, encryption, deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, and espresso machines. Thanks for visiting, Morgan Schneiderlin, Ander Herrera, Matteo Darmian, Juan Mata, Anders Lindegaard, Daley Blind, Tony Strudwick, John Murtough, Paul Brand and Paulo Gaudino.
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Jeff Dean

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A neural net to allow you to reply to GMail messages with one click

You might get quite a lot of email.  Anything that can help deal with that more efficiently is a boon, and replying to email on mobile devices is especially challenging.  Several people on the Google Brain team, in close collaboration with the GMail team and other teams at Google, have developed a deep LSTM neural net model to suggest automatic replies to emails that you can send with a single click.

(For now, this will be rolled out to the Inbox app for Android and iOS later this week).
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+Jeff Dean +Jeff Dean >Hello mr Jeff Dean I need your Help<

Respected dear Jeff, i  will briefly introduce to you.

My name is Robert Tušek and until recently I lived Hear Vinkovci in Republic

Croatia I have 23 year..Otherwise come from a family that does not have much

money, father retired housewife mother, besides pension from his father's

300eur although disabled homeland war, wounded and still has a loan to

house 1,300, sister goes to school I think it's all clear, in a word fight for life. I

worked on season 3 months and that's earned 2700eur .. When I came home

dressed as a sister goes to school bought a little book gave parents has left me

2000eur ..od these money I decided to start a business in Slavonski Brod, jdoo

Mobis company repair of mobile devices and the sale and import of the

Republic of Croatia. I put everything I had, bought the inventory, cash register,

accounting software, licensed Windows, cabinets to store, shelves. A word of

all, I found myself in trouble means that I should get money out of the CES will

not get because I CES wiped from the Bureau, without any explain,  and I do

not have the right to as a new entrepreneur. I do not know what to do further,

honestly I have no more money waiting for a decision that the company is

open, I signed a lease for a year, got extension really do not know now what Mr

Local me in the center besides just me in the center of the second is service

some few kilometers from the center so you do not have a competition ..I asked

for help and Mr. Ray Dalio but he said

Unfortunately me no one wants to help no matter how hard I tried, I never in

my life asked for help and now you wonder no one wants to help even those

I gave everything I had. Everything. My parents have nothing to do the rest of

us have family who also do not want to help. very sad. We are still killed in the

floods now before you days when they were so that we have nothing. Help me,

Mr Dean  Would you please.

I'd like to ask you if you can help me with a loan of any amount as you can.? I

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need to be opened for the day and behold, here I am in this vast problem. If you

can help me I would greatly appreciate it if you had not yet had nothing to do,

do not get mad that I asked you.

Any good you want dear Jeff Dean

I need yours help,

I want to succeed in life, just like you, have confidence in me, give me a chance

I want to succeed in life, help me . I know there are good people who are

always willing to help , people like you


Contact information

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Jeff Dean

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We've been collaborating with the search ranking team at Google to improve search quality using big, deep neural nets. Bloomberg wrote up a brief piece about this work, which launched several months ago and gave very significant quality improvements.
When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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6 comments  Support my project, share, donate, THANK YOU
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Jeff Dean

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Absurdly good bike tricks, so much better than anything I've ever seen before.
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That was good enough for 2nd place. Haven't found a video of the victor yet.
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Jeff Dean

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This was pretty funny.

Edit: Weird. I reshared a post, but it didn't seem to include the original post. It was a link to:
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Jeff Dean

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If you enjoy networking equipment, our platforms team has released a nice writeup of how our custom networking fabrics have evolved over the last decade (Jupiter, our latest fabric, allows 100,000 machines to communicate with each other with a bisection bandwidth of ~1 Pbps).

Lots of bandwidth is especially useful for distributed training of large neural networks, among other things.
Yesterday we published more details on the past decade of our cluster networking work, with lots of pictures (see article below).  For the technical details see this blog post: and for the gory details this SIGCOMM paper:
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I had the pleasure of meeting Taliver Heath and checking out the network staging lab during my orientation; absolutely brilliant work!
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Jeff Dean

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For some reason I like this story. I wonder if just memorizing the word list but not otherwise being able to speak the language makes it easier to pluck out rare high scoring words because you aren't biased by the fact that words that come easily to people who speak the language are more common ones (flat prior distribution is good for Scrabble?)
New Zealander Nigel Richards racks up remarkable victory after reportedly memorising francophone Scrabble dictionary in nine weeks
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Oh yeah, he's cooking up some techniques 
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I earned a B.S. in computer science and economics (summa cum laude) from the University of Minnesota and received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in computer science from the University of Washington. I was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2009, which recognized my work on "the science and engineering of large-scale distributed computer systems."

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