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I build large-scale computer systems.  I joined Google in 1999 and am currently a Google Fellow working in the Systems Infrastructure Group. While at Google, I have designed and implemented large portions of the company's advertising, crawling, indexing and query serving systems, along with various pieces of the distributed computing infrastructure that sits underneath most of Google's products. At various times, I've also worked on improving search quality, statistical machine translation, and various internal software development tools, and I've had significant involvement in the engineering hiring process.

Prior to joining Google, I was at DEC/Compaq's Western Research Laboratory, where I worked on profiling tools, microprocessor architecture, and information retrieval. Prior to graduate school, I worked at the World Health Organization's Global Programme on AIDS, developing software for statistical modeling and forecasting of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

I earned a B.S. in computer science and economics (summa cum laude) from the University of Minnesota and received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in computer science from the University of Washington. I was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2009, which recognized my work on "the science and engineering of large-scale distributed computer systems."

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Jeff Dean

Shared publicly  - 
Congratulations to my Google colleague +Geoffrey Hinton on being named a foreign member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering!

"For contributions to the theory and practice of artificial neural networks and their application to speech recognition and computer vision."

Geoff's work underlies much of the recent success in using deep learning for making significant strides in solving difficult problems in the field of artificial intelligence.

The full list of new members this year is at
Washington, DC, February 8, 2016 – The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has elected 80 new members and 22 foreign members, announced NAE President C.D. (Dan) Mote Jr. today. This brings the total U.S. membership to 2275 and the number of foreign members to 232.
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Jeff Dean

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Digital data storage using DNA by +Luis Henrique Ceze​ of University of Washington and Douglas Carmean and Karin Strauss of Microsoft. Incredible densities ("an exabyte in the volume of a grain of sand "). Not yet practical read and write rates, but still very cool stuff (this builds on earlier work by George Church at Harvard).
Scientists have shown that DNA molecules can be the basis for a long-term storage system potentially capable of holding all of the world’s digital information in a tiny space.
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ok,cool time to get more entropy (cryptology)
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Jeff Dean

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Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision

An Arxiv paper posted yesterday at
by my colleagues +Christian Szegedy, +Vincent Vanhoucke, +Sergey Ioffe, +Jon Shlens, and +Zbigniew Wojna details a bunch of improvements to the Inception image classification model that they've been working on. An ensemble of four of these models achieves 3.46% top-5 error on the validation set of the Imagenet whole image ILSVRC2012 classification task, compared with an ensemble of the initial version of Inception that won last year's 2014 Imagenet classification challenge with a 6.66% top-5 error rate (a 49% reduction in top-5 error rate).

For comparison, +Andrej Karpathy estimates that a well-trained human (him) can achieve about 5.1%, as detailed in his delightfully written "_What I learned from competing against a ConvNet on ImageNet_" blog post at

The latest Inception models were trained using TensorFlow, our newly open-sourced machine learning system (see
Abstract: Convolutional networks are at the core of most state-of-the-art computer vision solutions for a wide variety of tasks. Since 2014 very deep convolutional networks started to become mainstream, yielding substantial gains in various benchmarks. Although increased model size and ...
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Jeff Dean

Shared publicly  - 
Following on the heels of our TensorFlow open source launch, I'm very excited that we have launched our Google Cloud Vision APIs.  

This allows external developers to use same kinds of deep neural networks for image understanding as we're using internally to build products like Google Photos.  You can make simple API calls where you provide an image, and we can:

 *classify images* (e.g. "cheetah", "fire truck", etc.)

OCR all the text in the image ("Pierre's Cafe.  The Best Croissant in Town"),

detect landmarks ("Eiffel Tower")

localize faces ("left ear at x=100 y=203", "face at x=100 y=200: happy is likely")

detect inappropriate content ("adult content probability 0.93"), and

detect brand logos ("Coca Cola logo detected at x1=100 y1=400 x2=200 y2=450").

It's really easy to use these to build pretty powerful and sophisticated applications. 

Sign up for our limited preview at  and try it out, and send feedback to

Kudos to the Cloud Vision team that launched this, and to our image understanding teams that trained the underlying models, and to the Google Brain team that built the infrastructure for training these deep neural nets.
The next generation of applications won’t just store images. They’ll actually understand them thanks to models like the one we’re releasing today. Our Cloud Vision API uses machine learning to classify images into thousands of categories, detect objects (and facial features), and even identify language. We’re excited to see what you build with it:
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That is so great
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Jeff Dean

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A neural net to allow you to reply to GMail messages with one click

You might get quite a lot of email.  Anything that can help deal with that more efficiently is a boon, and replying to email on mobile devices is especially challenging.  Several people on the Google Brain team, in close collaboration with the GMail team and other teams at Google, have developed a deep LSTM neural net model to suggest automatic replies to emails that you can send with a single click.

(For now, this will be rolled out to the Inbox app for Android and iOS later this week).
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Contact information

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Jeff Dean

Shared publicly  - 
This list was pretty interesting (I knew about many of the CS courses, but didn't really have a strong sense that some of these other subjects might be so popular).
The 50 most popular MOOCs of all time. Lots of math, science, and practical basic and advanced computer science courses, with a smattering of history, psychology, finance, and various other topics thrown in. But the #1 surprised me: Philosophy. Really? Never would've expected that.
These Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are tried and true and have been taken more than any others online. From top research universities and Ivy League schools, check out our ranking if you're looking for your next class online.
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MOOCs are an amazing way to dig deeper into areas of interest, expanding knowledge. I wish I had this opportunity to learn before entering university 23 years ago.
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Jeff Dean

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My colleague +Vincent Vanhoucke​, who sits one desk to my left, has done a very nice job in putting together a short course on deep learning and TensorFlow (see offered on +Udacity​. If you're interested, if encourage you to check it out.
To help make deep learning even more accessible to engineers and data scientists at large, we are launching a new Deep Learning Course developed in collaboration with Udacity.

This short, intensive course provides you with all the basic tools and vocabulary to get started with deep learning. For more details, see the Research blog post linked below, and register for the course at 
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+Jeff Dean should i start machine learning course first on udacity or i can start this course directly?
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Jeff Dean

Shared publicly  - 
Pulp fiction? Or can you really have a mini paper recycling factory in the corner? (This is pretty cool, and it's fast, too: put in used paper you want to recycle, and 3 minutes later, shiny new paper comes out).
Waste paper goes in; 3 minutes later, sheets of new A4 paper come out—at 14 ppm!
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+James Karaganis I still suspect you'll see at the very least localised aggregated processing. This won't be sitting in the corner of the office.

Though "Unload PC Letter" as a future cultural touchstone might become a thing.
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Jeff Dean

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Open Source Release of TensorFlow

I'm very excited to announce the open source release of the TensorFlow machine learning library that I and many others at Google have been building.

This blog post gives an overview:

The web site has a number of tutorials and documentation about the system:

The source is on GitHub:

You might also be interested in the whitepaper we've prepared that describes TensorFlow in more detail:

We'd love to hear what people think.
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+Jeff Dean while building here my little GPU rig I started thinking about how would be to add some "economics" fun for TF community like ... Rewarding Scientific Distributed Computing ...after all in the end of the day thats what bitcoin is good at... to check electricity bill around the world like BigMc index ( ) we could call it ... pegasus-ditributed-coin, GoogleBrainCoin, EE*G*coin ...
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Jeff Dean

Shared publicly  - 
Last week at BayLearn, I announced the Google Brain Residency Program, a one year program for people with computer science background who are interested in Deep Learning to join us at Google, study machine learning and conduct research with our team.

Details, timeline and application process:

You'll get to work with people like:
+Geoffrey Hinton (Scholar:
+Samy Bengio (Scholar:
+Ilya Sutskever (Scholar:
+Quoc Le (Scholar:
+Greg Corrado (Scholar:
+Oriol Vinyals (Scholar:
me (
... and many others ...
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+Jeff Dean I applied for the program and got rejected. Too bad I don't know why :\
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Jeff Dean

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We've been collaborating with the search ranking team at Google to improve search quality using big, deep neural nets. Bloomberg wrote up a brief piece about this work, which launched several months ago and gave very significant quality improvements.
When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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6 comments  Support my project, share, donate, THANK YOU
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Jeff Dean

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Absurdly good bike tricks, so much better than anything I've ever seen before.
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That was good enough for 2nd place. Haven't found a video of the victor yet.
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