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They had to have done some pre-screening to find this group of people before they shot this, because too many of these people seem to like what they're hearing.
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Interesting piece on economics and the gap between objective and perceived reality, and how that gap can lead to make unintended consequences (or awful intended ones).
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You are nice
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It's impossible to say how likely this is, but the way that Republicans redrew the district lines after the last census was some bullshit, and it's nice to see people who engage in such underhanded activity get bit sometimes.

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I don't think I'd have recognized how much of the Republican base was built around White Nationalism before this year. And even though there are many Republican voters who aren't, the voters have allowed the party to become what it has, all the while, is been failing to live up to its own high minded Conservative ideals. Blind to both what it became, and what it failed to accomplish.

It probably wouldn't have gotten so bad if we weren't so tied to two-party politics, but it also helps explain why the Libertarian party has become powerful enough that Gary Johnson is projected to take 8% of the popular vote. Too bad that party can't really be taken seriously until it splits with it's straight-up anarchist wing.
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Trump's Reddit AMA sounds like it was more "ask me the substance-less questions my overzealous followers will allow."
After the Q&A, some /r/The_Donald members complained of censorship from Reddit itself.
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Ha ha , where is your Tax return MR , Trumped ?
Mrs . Hillary/ Clinton gave her Tax Return on her/his 100 million Dollars gain over the last 8 years and the same on her/ his 2 Billion Dollar gain in Clinton Charity fond .
Oh , they are all so proper , honest and who ever you vote for , you vote for SH....T, People .
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Roadies, a new show that premiered this Summer on Showtime (and is available on Hulu via their Showtime add-on), I think is the best show of this Summer.

It follows the road crew of the embattled Staton-House Band (not real), on their North American Tour. The cast is great, with well known actors like Luke Wilson, Luis Guzman, and Carla Gugino.

And it's a show that is very purposefully not about the Band, but rather this crew of slightly weird misfits who tour with the band, and absolutely love music about all else. It's funny, it's heart-breaking, it's beautiful.

It's clearly a Cameron Crowe project, the relationship to Almost Famous suffuses the writing, but that's okay, because Crowe is someone who loves music in a way that makes these characters, and their dialogue work.

And the music...oh the music. I've discovered several new bands through this show, and fallen back in love with a few bands I hadn't listened to in a while. It's a show that knows itself fully, is unapologetic about that, and creates a compelling and believable narrative, and I really recommend it.
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An interesting (albeit shallow) overview of why the preferences of inflexible minorities will drive the options available to a flexible majority. In other words, why Kosher and Halal are going to become the dietary norms available to most people, even those who don't care about either.
How Europe will eat Halal — Why you don’t have to smoke in the smoking section — Your food choices on the fall of the Saudi king –How to…
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A Muslim asked me lately why Christian don't wash ?
I was astonished and put him right .
I asked him why he would think so ...!!
He responded the " Imam" said so . ;(
We facing here a very badly informed , brainwashed "lot " .
I never knew that as a refugee you can demand and never ever understood our western ---- degenerated ---- Governments .
Your article is most interesting and witty , I loved to read it . :)
A moslem wan't touch our meat , but I will eat his , ;)
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I always find it incredible to see the way that Hollywood writes about and tries to cast women, and find it funny to see the cards turned on the men.
In a highly enjoyable effort to expose how gross casting notices for female roles can be, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend hero today Rachel Bloom wrote some descriptions of the male characters on her show in the style of a pervy dude. Through her Instagram account, Bloom filtered details about Crazy Ex-Girlfrie
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Interesting piece on how the US Electorate, not the politicians, may be responsible for our current woes, as the active voters are more polarized, more likely to vote along straight party lines instead of based on candidate issues, and how this may be trapping the politicians to be beholden to a passionate, but potentially uncritical Electorate.

The data appears interesting, and I know that here in Louisiana, I've seen community organizers passing out flyers indicating how they want people to vote, and it's always been along strict party lines when I've seen it. It's unfortunate, we live in an age where we should have an easier time then ever before making an educated and informed decision on the voting booth, but either we can't or won't Again, as a Louisiana voter, I find it very difficult to find ballot information online. I sincerely miss Washington's voter guides they publish every year.
All right, I need to vent. For months, I’ve watched Donald Trump decry as “rigged” everything from the Democratic primaries, the Republican primary rules (that’s right, the same rules that helped h…
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I'm worried about this election.

I'm worried because I don't think that most of the modeling and polling that's being done are going to correctly model what acutally appears to be going on this year. With Trump.

Everyone is finding it easy to point to the White Supremacy Dog Whistle that Trump keeps blowing, and leaning in on believing that Trump's supporters are racists and xenophobes. Now, there certainly are some that are. And Trump has definitely been courting them.

But there is another, much larger group that has been ignored for decades. They're the people who the world is leaving behind, and who don't understand why, or who see the downturn that they've seen as the fault of an uncaring government that only cares about the needs of large corporations and the super rich. And Trump is blowing the dog whistle on these people's issues harder than any politician has in decades. He's promising not just to help these voters, but to crush the people who've been hurting them and sending their jobs elsewhere.

But here's the other secret: Many of these voter's don't actually believe that Trump can deliver on these promises. What they believe, and why they support Trump, is that a vote for Trump is a vote against the corruption they believe pervades every level of our government. They believe, in essence, that a vote for Trump could topple our entire system, and they don't care, because they believe that nothing could be worse than what our government has become.

And the Republican Electorate was exactly who to go after in this way. They'd been primed for decades about how broken government is, and been seeing the party 'establishment' fail to deliver on promises for change for just as many decades. These are people for whom the statement "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help" is genuinely terrifying, because they've been told for their entire lives that those are the most dangerous words in the English language.

For these people, Trump is literally a Revolutionary candidate. They believe that he will tear everything down, so we can try to build something better on the rubble of what was before, and that that's the best option that we have.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton can't court these voters. Sander's could have reached some of them, but probably not many. And Hillary made a huge mistake in bringing Debbie Wasserman Schultz into her campaign, because it sends a signal not only to Bernie supporters, but these voters who believe the system is irredeemably corrupt, that Hillary is exactly as corrupt and they already believe her to be, and it's unlikely she'll be able to spin that away.

There are problems in our Democracy, and things need to change. But what's dangerous here is not Trump (who allegedly tried to offer Kasich control of both Foreign and Domestic policy if he took the VP position). Trump wants to Win, he doesn't want to Govern. The danger is the people he's empowering by blowing the whistles he knows will whip them into a frenzy, and what they might do when they realize they've been had. What people who are making a drastic step they want to spark some form of revolution will do when they realize that they're not getting the revolution they voted for.
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This is why the WHO said that it wasn't worth stopping this year's Olympic Games due to Zika. The disease is out there. It is spreading. The Olympics are happening late enough that while Brazil is still a hot zone for the virus, it is far from contained.

Of course, the story ends up burying one very frightening lede, right after mentioning that the US is generally not very susceptible to mosquito borne diseases since we don't spend much time outside. They then followed up with this data I feel i should have heard somewhere by now.

//Puerto Rico, which has had locally acquired Zika since December. As of July 7, at least 5,582 people had been diagnosed with the virus there, including 672 pregnant women.//
When the news broke Friday that four people with Zika virus in southern Florida had likely been infected by mosquitoes in a tiny section of Miami — in what would be the first known Zika infec…
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The rooms are clean, though small. The mattresses are super thin however. Also, there are a bunch of actual hotels in the area that appear to have similar rates as two people staying at the hostel, so if you're not traveling alone, I think there are better options. The local is great, though.
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Great Museum with a lot of fantastic art. The only downside is that it makes no effort to build a narrative of artistic trends and methods in Vietnam over time.
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The hotel is beautiful and clean, with good amenities.
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49 reviews
Clean, nice hotel right in the heart of Hanoi Old Town. The staff doesn't always have the best English, which can lead to some misunderstandings, but we enjoyed our stay. They will also arrange transport to and from the airport at a fair rate that is safer than picking up a random cab.
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Very nice rooms and a fair rate. Close enough to the airport you will hear planes, but it's not a major problem.
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