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If the Trump Presidency truly means the end of Access Journalism, and returns us to a time where the media spoke truth to power, investigating their prepared statements instead of parroting their words, and actually investigates the world, then maybe something good will come out of this shitshow.

Sean Spicer’s remarks, full of falsehoods, should inspire journalists to dig into what matters.
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The Trump presidency killed it? Then who poisoned it?
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Listening to Lester Holt during the NBC News coverage of the Inauguraton is heart-breaking. He must have demanded that they not have a camera cut to him, because he sounds like he's struggling.
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Final Fantasy XV is not, by any metric, a very good game. It's fine. It's not bad. It's fun enough to go on a Bro-filled Road Trip with your buds (at least as a guy, I feel like the bro-y-ness of the game might turn off many female gamers, which is it's own issue), but the product placement is so extreme as to become almost a self-aware joke.

One of your buddies spends a ton of time talking about playing a game called "King's Knight" on his phone while you're boring him fishing, or when you set up for camp. It turns out that King's Knight is a real game, or will be this year. And yes, you can play multiplayer with your friends on your phone.
You win this time, blatantly obvious product placement.
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Turns out we might be able to learn a lot about Trump and his support, by examining another universally hated group of people who distrust the media: Juggalos.

Of course, any 'fringe' group feels this way. Pedophiles on the dark web, for instance:

It's a rough position, where the intersection between 'acceptance' and 'shame' lies. While the Internet has helped a lot of people who have been traditionally shamed for who they are find support networks that help them learn to be okay with themselves, it turns out that axe cuts both ways. Turns out there is a lot of Fringe out there for communities to form.

Remember when the worst of it was just Juggalos and Otherkin?
Juggalos and Donald Trump go together like magnets and science.
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There are a lot of juggalos who voted for Trump.
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The Republican Party's love affair with Putin has been disingenuous at best, and frightening at worst. Especially now that much of the party is having to back away from those positions in light of recent events. 
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Not everyone, just Trump..
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Mattis is the only sure voice of reason being brought into the adminstration.

Really weird that the Transition team blocked his testimony, but blocking a person who has successfully changed Trump's mind on some of his worse ideas (like torture), could be a bad play.
This is a mistake, because Mattis may be the most reasonable and professional of Trump's generals. He is likely to dig in his heels, if DT plans mass (Erdogan style) firings to purge the US Military Officer Corps.

Dems, you need to pick your fights carefully.
The Trump transition team nixed Defense secretary nominee James Mattis from testifying in the House, House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry said Wednesday.
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The brains of the democrats bill should be brought to the house floor and passed for surgery!
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NPR has annotated Trump's Inauguration Address.

I kind of expected Trump to take a shot at William Henry Harrison's record set during the 1841 Inauguration. I'm torn on whether or not I'm glad Trump didn't stand up and talk for 2 hours.

This speech failed to bring the country together. It spoke only to the people who voted for him, and not to the people who are most critical of the incoming administration, whom Trump appears to be trying to pretend don't exist. A disaster of an Address, but sadly, rather expected.
Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. NPR reporters and editors have annotated his remarks.
The 11th Hour pardon of whisteblowers today shouldn't wipe away that no Administration has pursued leakers more aggressively than Obama
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TIL that not only is "Transparent Aluminium" a real thing, it was invented several years prior to Star Trek IV.

Which leaves me thinking that the Screenwriter's for that movie must have somehow learned about this material before having Montgomery Scott hand over the invention in their movie.
Beyond Gorilla Glass...

Technically known as aluminum oxynitride and sometimes called “transparent aluminum" this material is not truly a transparent metallic aluminum, but rather a transparent aluminum-based ceramic. It offers some interesting possibilities for high-strength, non-shattering -- even load-bearing -- windows. It will also remain transparent even after being deformed.
Aluminum oxynitride is more optically clear, lightweight and durable than traditional bulletproof glass.
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Technology is Really good at all times nature control 
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Japanese and American companies present new products very differently.
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That's a big update
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Best Mexican food in Lafayette.
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Not as good as the other locations in Lafayette. Decent, but not great Mexican food.
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Great Museum with a lot of fantastic art. The only downside is that it makes no effort to build a narrative of artistic trends and methods in Vietnam over time.
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The tables are generally all occupied by single people effectively using tables meant for 2 or 3, and the coffee isn't very good to begin with. Not a great place to get work done or get a drink.
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The rooms are clean, though small. The mattresses are super thin however. Also, there are a bunch of actual hotels in the area that appear to have similar rates as two people staying at the hostel, so if you're not traveling alone, I think there are better options. The local is great, though.
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Clean, nice hotel right in the heart of Hanoi Old Town. The staff doesn't always have the best English, which can lead to some misunderstandings, but we enjoyed our stay. They will also arrange transport to and from the airport at a fair rate that is safer than picking up a random cab.
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