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Baltimore area poets performing at the ongoing protests.

This is a little hard to watch, because the anger is so raw, and the difference in experience between myself and these people is so noticeable in the rage and frustration they're expressing. The sort of long-term institutional repression these people have grown up with is almost unimaginable to me.

The frustrating part is that this is clearly peaceful protest, but there are many who won't give them the benefit of that freedom to protest and assemble that is so often taken for granted.
"Your children are being put back in the ground before they’ve even lived yet," rapped Baltimore poet, Grim Jackson, during a rally Sunday calling for justice for Freddie Gray.
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The girl has great flow. Wish there was a clear audio version of this out there.
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Steam introduces Paid Mods and people immediately submit a slew of pointless mods with extraordinary prices to protest.

Gamers, this is a good thing. Sure, many things on Steam Workshop aren't enough to justify charging (probably), but allowing people to create extensions for games, or even total conversions, and charge for it is huge. It's fan-created DLC, and this enables some potentially pretty awesome things, because we need to stop devaluing creative work.

Note: I'm a bit ignorant of how the money distribution from this will work. Clearly Valve takes a cut for hosting/payment processing, but I don't know how much, or how much publishers take (or if they get anything at all). But the game developers being able to get a cut isn't necessarily bad either, since mod support has traditionally been a work sink for developers with upsides in goodwill, but nothing else.
Since Valve enabled users to charge money for mods on Steam, people have uploaded all sorts of wild things onto the Steam Workshop. Some are serious. Some are jokes. And some are actively taking a jab at Valve for having the ‘gall’ to do something like this.
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I saw that figure on Gamasutra:

They don't give any citation for that particular figure, however. They do link to the supplemental terms, which are pretty vague:

"The percentage of Adjusted Gross Revenue that you are entitled to receive will be determined by the developer/publisher of the Application associated with the Workshop to which you have submitted your Contribution (“Publisher”), and will be described on the applicable Workshop page."
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True Detective Season 2 Trailer dropped. I'm uncomfortably excited about this.
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Actors in this season seem too good looking. 
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Such linkbait. Wow.

Look, gasoline taxes (hypothetically) pay for road maintenance. EV Owners should be paying something. I think getting rid of the up-front incentive was wrong, but we've been using gasoline taxes as a proxy for road use forever, so something had to give for EV drivers.
Climate change is still a real, looming threat, so you'd think that getting people using electric cars would be a vital project to safeguard the future.
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Also isn't there less maintenance on EV? Oil changes etc? 
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This is a huge deal, and I'm really hoping that this can become a cross-browser standard. Since I started actively using Chrome to store passwords, sites that implement their login flows in a way that Chrome can't detect have become a huge pet peeve (I've got a list of a dozen or so sites that bother me in this way).

Plus, designing the API to support Federated Identity providers is huge. Now you don't need to remember if you used Google, Facebook, Twitter, or a username or password to sign-in to a site, Chrome can save that for you, and sites can trigger it automatically.

This could be a huge shift in web security.
The Credential Management¹ API is a work-in-progress and experimental Web feature we can already start to play with in Chrome Dev Channel. Its goal is to enable a website to request a user’s credentials in order to sign them in, and to help the browser correctly store user credentials for future use.

Want to see it in action? First, enable the experimental Credential Manager API at chrome://flags/#enable-credential-manager-api and restart Chrome. Then, go to and start filling some random data about your username, password and click the first button to simulate a "Sign In" which will tell Chrome to save these credentials for later if you agree.
When you click on the "Step 2" button, Chrome will show you all credentials for this website you could use to sign in.
If you're not going to use this furthermore, I'd recommend you disable this flag for security reasons.

The Credential Management API is not limited to username/password pairs. It is also intended to work with websites that support federated identity providers. Go read the WIP W3C draft if you want to read more about this exciting Web API.


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Oh, hey, Google just Open Sourced our build system.
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Why is Drake apologizing after Madonna appears to have sexually assaulted him on the Coachella stage?
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Sure, but this reeks of him being pressured to avoid making Madonna look bad while they try to reboot her career.
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Interesting piece from a Colorado Law Professor looking at the question of why college tuition has quadrupled over the last 35 years (after adjusting for inflation). And it looks like the common target of these increases, reduced government funding of higher education, doesn't hold up.

Between College being turned into "High School 2.0", causing a huge increase in the number of students in our institutes of higher learning, the increased administrative burden caused by these changes (one university system saw the number of faculty over a 30 year period increase by 3.5%, and the number of administrators increase by over 200%), and the trend toward seven-figure salaries for top-level administrators at many schools.

Many of these changes may be defensible. Our economy no longer has many good jobs for people with only a high school education. More students do require more administrative staff. Attractive top-level talent to higher education can cost a lot more money than it used to when the lure of the private sector is there for many.

And the issue of State funding is still important. Louisiana is cutting it's higher education budget by a massive amount next year (, and it's causing a huge amount of stress as it's impacting hiring certainty for new faculty, pushing Graduate Students to try and graduate early since the number of TA positions are expected to go down dramatically. State money is considered by most institutions to be somewhat safe, and somewhat stable, so these kinds of cuts have huge impacts on short- and long-term planning, but perhaps less of an impact on Tuition than many like to claim.
It’s not because states have cut funding for higher education.
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I really do love unintended consequences of silly laws.
However, I do feel the need to defend the rights of business owners to deny service to anyone. I still think this Indiana law is bullshit, as it's the wrong approach, and people who discriminate against alternative sexualities are deserving of ridicule.

Still, there is an enormous difference between discrimination being performed by individuals and business owners and discrimination being performed by the State. The Government should not be allowed to deny rights to people based on race, religion, creed, sexuality or anything else (save as consequences for a persons actions, such as imprisonment after conviction in a court of law). The tide of history moving toward marriage equality is a necessity, as that is an instance of State-driven discrimination, which should not be tolerated.

But a baker refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual couples wedding? That should be their right. Period. And the discrimination laws on the books are bullshit because they force the baker to lie about the reasons why they are denying service, in order to prevent a lawsuit. The business owner absolutely opens themselves up to deserved ridicule for denying service for this reason, and consumers have every right to not frequent business' who discriminate based on reasons that they disagree with. But it becomes harder to make that determination and decision when they Baker "is too busy to take an order" instead of simply "not baking cakes for homosexual nuptials."

I am more willing to accept restrictions on a business' rights when it comes to questions of employment, particularly living as I do in Louisiana where the access to socio-economic success for people seems to have a pretty direct correlation to the color of their skin. I can't imagine wanting to work for someone who was bigoted against me, but as a white, heterosexual male, I'm really never going to have to deal with that choice. And I do acknowledge that it's a lot easier to support people's right to discriminate when I'm not likely to ever be the target, and I completely understand why this screed will be written off because of that.

I've been becoming uncomfortable lately with this fact because many of the restaurants that I go to on a regular basis tend to have very few Black patrons, and while I believe that this is more to do with economics than race (at least inasmuch as the two can be separated), I have to wonder if I'm just trying to make myself feel better about this. My point here is that if I knew that a business refused service to Black people, I wouldn't go there. But by forcing businesses not be upfront about these sorts of discriminatory practices, it becomes a lot easier to inadvertently support business' that discriminate.

Indiana's religious freedom law is ridiculous, but I can't help but think that anti-discrimination laws that hold business to the exact same standards as Government are similarly wrong headed. Government should be held to a higher standard, not lower.
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I had this ruminating in the back of my head, and I think I've figured out where my hangup has been.

I have a problem with personal freedoms being curtailed when they do no harm, as I would consider the case of refusing service for things like bakeries, restaurants, etc.

The examples you post, +Evan Mezeske, are examples where discrimination can absolutely cause harm, and I'm much more comfortable with freedoms being curtailed in those circumstances. Differentiating between these in law can be difficult, and this issue is one where I'm inclined to prefer the curtailing of personal freedom, since the alternative, unnecessary harm to individuals, is more abhorrent.

That said, I do believe that we don't have to hold individuals to the same standards of non-discrimination as we hold Government, and I am not convinced that making hate illegal doesn't make people more likely to dig in on their shitty opinions.
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I can't help but think I would probably have preferred Jonathan Nolan's original script more than I did the final product.
Speaking to a theater full of curious physicists, engineers, and students, Jonathan Nolan quietly let slip that his original ending to Interstellar was "much more straightforward." Yesterday in Pasadena, California, as a part of a media event surrounding the impending Blu-ray release of the sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar, co-writer Jonathan Nolan and science adviser/producer Kip Thorne addressed a packed theater at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Lab (...
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Not really worth visiting. My Chicken Parmagiana was tough, the breading was soggy, and the noodles weren't properly sauced. My wife's chicken dish was similarly mediocre. The service was poor as well. It's not the worst meal we've ever had, but there is better Italian to be had.
Public - a month ago
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Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
A comfortable fine-dining restaurant, with good food and good value. The menu is a bit large, and when we were there they had a lot of off-menu specials which made ordering a bit harder, but was a nice experience and we will gladly return.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Food is as dated as the decor. Cheap, but not worth it. Will not be back.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
31 reviews
Great eclectic cuisine. While they have plenty of excellent charcuterie, the menu also contains surprises like the Ramen which is incredible. Great place for lunch or dinner.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Great restaurant with a fun rotating menu and good cocktails. Service is consistently solid, and they just keep getting better, love that they now take reservations. The smoked fried chicken entree is a particular favorite.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Best Chinese in Lafayatte, and they deliver! The Lo Mein is particularly good. I haven't eaten the buffet, but they have good lunch specials and is a great value.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago