I am delighted to share a very fun new paper with you, co-organized by Joel Lehman, Dule Misevic, and myself (Jeff Clune), and co-authored with many legends and leaders from the evolutionary algorithms / artificial life community, including Karl Sims and Tom Ray. We hope you enjoy it!


with Joel Lehman, Jeff Clune, Dusan Misevic, Christoph Adami, Julie Beaulieu, Peter J. Bentley, Samuel Bernard, Guillaume Belson, David M. Bryson, Nick Cheney, Antoine Cully, Stephane Donciuex, Fred C. Dyer, Kai Olav Ellefsen, Robert Feldt, Stephan Fischer, Stephanie Forrest, Antoine Frénoy, Christian Gagneé, Leni Le Goff, Laura M. Grabowski, Babak Hodjat, Laurent Keller, Carole Knibbe, Peter Krcah, Richard E. Lenski, Hod Lipson, Robert MacCurdy, Carlos Maestre, Risto Miikkulainen, Sara Mitri, David E. Moriarty, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Anh Nguyen, Charles Ofria, Marc Parizeau, David Parsons, Robert T. Pennock, William F. Punch, Thomas S. Ray, Marc Schoenauer, Eric Shulte, Karl Sims, Kenneth O. Stanley, François Taddei, Danesh Tarapore, Simon Thibault, Westley Weimer, Richard Watson, Jason Yosinksi

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