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Wow, I am surprised that I filled some $FB at $38 a few minutes ago.
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If you can get a popular IPO at close to opening price, there's no reason not to buy. Might not be worth keeping in the long run but you will make a quick buck
Yep. It's at 99x PE more or less, and a CEO that has no experience with a public company. All investments are a gamble I guess. I don't doubt FB's potential (as a developer, I can see their ad model is far superior to Google's for instance), but that's a helluva pricing-in.
But now, FB is around $40.2 ...
375M shares traded today. Anyone have any idea where the money came from? Is it just money moving around? i.e. from the sale of other stocks?
+Mat Jackson I disagree about FB ad model being far superior to Google's. In fact, I argue that it's a lot worse. A) What's the reach of FB ads? Your own wall on the desktop version of the site. And Google's ads are virtually everywhere. B) Relevance. Despite my profile info on FB giving them a lot more explicit clues about me, their ads tend to be a lot more irrelevant and at times downright scammy. Google ads definitely are a lot more relevant in general.

BTW spoke with all of my colleagues today about the same topic and they all agree re. FB ads being mostly irrelevant and much more easy to ignore.
Todays news is that only 20% of the shares were purchased by regular people, the majority was purchased by the banks in an attempt to keep the stock price above the initial price. I don't know how this compares to other IPO's but it surely must mean the stock is more likely to go down now doesn't it?
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