We dropped cable last January 1st. Best decision ever. With a decent antenna we get about 30 over the air channels. The HD is stunning. Have a Roku on one TV and Boxee on the other. Also, have computer with HDMI out, so I can watch shows from websites directly on tv. Share a Netflix subscription with my sister. Also, I torrent a lot of content which you may choose not to do.

Best of all is adding a Slingbox to the mix. Have that hooked up at the inlaws (who have 10mb upload). Get the free Slingbox app on the boxee and you have full cable. Also, if you have friends with full cable and willing to work with you you can get watch Espn stuff and hbogo. Not always the best connection.

It is a sacrifice and most solutions are not for the novice. However, if you are not an avid tv watcher, the antenna, roku setup is easy as pie. Not for everyone but certainly worth the money savings for me.

Greater Cincinnati
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