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This is one of the most devastating and widespread environmental disasters in some time. But all I hear is about blame for the EPA. Yet was it the EPA that created this and thousands of other similar messes like it that are like ticking time bombs?

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What does it mean to be the greatest nation on earth? And what happens when we are no longer the greatest? Is the role of our presidents just keep up appearances by continuing to claim that we are? I would like to see a president use that most powerful of soapboxes to help us to rethink some of these conventional notions of greatness.

When it comes to many indicators of social justice, income distribution and overall quality of life we are no longer the best. So what then makes us the greatest nation on earthy today. Possibly its more of a rhetorical thinking in which the president's role is to pump us up with exortations that might lead us to do great things?

Thus the greatest nation on earth rhetoric might be seen as a calling for us as a country to continue to aspire to the greatness that inspired so many all over the world to come here and build a better life for themselves?

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Im just getting the beginning of the mainstream media take on this but Im hearing things that continue to make me think the media people at the national level still don't. No Sen Warren is not the Ted Cruz of the Left because the core problem is never going to be resolved by the kind of compromise that this budget represents.That's because the spending bill represents no willingness to put forward or consider any real fundamental overhaul of policies that dismantle the business as usual thinking at the top level of society that is pushing the country in the wrong direction.

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OK he is alright. Now we can now go on with our lives.

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FCE takes Key Step toward forward in developing its Environmental Learning and Training Center at the Long Hill Reservation in Beverly MA.

The nonprofit Full Circle Earth, which I am involved with as a board
member and volunteer, has "raised the roof" of its new training and research facility in Beverly MA by installing a plastic greenhouse membrane to complete the greenhouse construction which began in June 2014.

My colleague, friend and fellow Arcosanti Arizona alum, FCE executive director James "Jimi" Carnazza has being leading this effort.

Thanks also to the volunteers whose effort was pivotal in making this effort a success.

The goal of this facility is to enable research and development in Aquaponics, Worm Composting and Compost Tea for promoting local and sustainable food production. These are the initial focus points towards promoting a more comprehensive/holistic approach to sustainable farming and living in the North Shore region of Metro Boston.

Our work will include the sharing of relevant appropriate technologies developed at the facility, through workshops, community outreach opportunities as well as k-12 programs, working with local schools as well as programs that cater to special needs students. 

We also just got certified as Tax Exempt nonprofit by the IRS. So you can now make a tax deductable donation to support our work via PayPal

For more about the project and our work please go to FCE's website:

Stay tuned for more news and updates as we further develop this project.
November 12, 2014
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Full Circle Earth - an environmental and sustainability education nonprofit I am involved (board member) officially received 501c3 status from the US Gov.

You can find out more at our website

BTW...If you would like to make a donation please go here:

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Full Circle Earth has been working on its flagship "EcoCenter" project in Beverly MA to construct a hoop greenhouse and vermiculture (worm) compost bin. This hoop greenhouse is approximately 40 feet long and 16 feet wide.

Here these photos are documenting the completion of the worm compost bin.

The addition of the Worms to the composting process is important both as a teaching tool showing how nature can be optimized to rapidly break down compost, while also maximizing the potential of fertilizer to build up the soil and in turn enable plant health without the use of industrial pesticides and fertilizers.

The bin is a 2' deep  4' wide and 36' long compost pit bordered with concrete blocks and hinged lids built to cover it. By building it into the earth, we can keep it warm in summer and cool in winter as the worms do best when its cool and damp but not too cool. The lid also serves to keep pests out.

We currently collect kitchen scraps from the Beverly Farmers Market and several other locations in the area.

Over the next several months, we expect to expand the operation to eventually fill the bin with compost to feed the worms. Some of this finished compost/worm castings will then be used in the greenhouse and in demos promoting organic/sustainable land care as part of the recent grant we received from the Toxic Use Reduction Initiatives (TURI).

Eventually the compost and compost tea will be incorporated into Organic Land Care/landscaping business we plan to develop as a offshoot of this project. The business will include the utilization of worm castings for the making of compost tea. This in turn will be applied as part of the Organic Land Care Service 

Once completed it will be used to demonstrate sustainable land care and farming practices suitable for the region that will include workshops for the general public and after school educational opportunities for students.

Our initial focus activities will include worm composting, aquaculture, four season greenhouse food production and compost tea making.

The Long term VISION includes further evolving the Environmental Education "EcoCenter" concept to explore how holistic approaches to the urban built environment can overcome economic, social and cultural barriers and increase the transition to more sustainable development by encouraging more synergistic interactions within our habitats and their subsystems. 

Keep updated on our work by visiting our website:
Also check us out on Facebook:
October 18, 2014 FCE Beverly Worm Bin Pictures
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Foundation Farm Harvest Day
October 4, 2014
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Obama was damned either way if he continued to do nothing or if he followed the path he is taking now. Its not fair to blame the US for the Middle East mess but we obviously have not helped with our past interventions. And despite my Democratic liberal leanings I can't deny that Obama lacks both the clear and visionary strategy and the political courage to implement any kind of bold shift in policy that would be needed to resolve the challenging international situation we all face now as human beings.

Regardless of one's ideological view on what to do in relation to ISIS it should be clear that bombing them into submission is probably not going to work. I suggest that ISIS is a symptom of a symptom of symptom. At the core is a crisis with globalism and capitalism that unless its resolved somehow will continue to push us apart to the point where globalism will no longer exist in any meaningful way. And this will be disaster for the multinational corporations that have staked their economic future on continued global growth and expansion.

Its also clear that the kind of force projection that is required to eradicate them is going to probably be similar to what we saw in both Afghanistan and Iraq when we had a significant occupational troop presence - not tens of thousands of troops but hundreds of thousands. The difference with ISIS seems to be that the will to fight and die and organize into effective and professional fighting units is much greater with ISIS. 

Yet the noise out of DC seems to be lacking any real sense of reality in terms of the need for containment strategy for ISIS. Let please get real about the reality and challenges of enforcing peace, pacification and control in such a expansive and sparely populated region.

And for Rand and Ron Paul, its an issue of being affiliated with a party that is so dominated by hawks who so willingly embraced the neocon BS of Bush II that we have not yet really recovered from. I find it hard to believe anything cohesive can really come out of a Libertarian leaning Republican running for president and being successful making changes to alter the prevailing (and yet failing) national as well as global political stances in American mainstream politics.

But maybe this is exactly what we need - for Rand Paul to somehow create a coalition of people in the Republican Party that offers an alternative to the NeoCon thinking that Obama has not very successfully confronted during his presidency. Its basically business as usual. 

But for it to work - if he somehow wins the Republican nomination - I suggest he's going to have to bring a lot of progressives in to carry the momentum towards overcoming the neocons who dominate the political orthodoxies of both parties. 

And he's going to have to somehow strike a balance between downsizing government to placate the Tea Party, while reinventing it to bring in the progressives who are sympathetic to some libertarian ideas, but not ready to totally abandon government regulation of key aspects of modern life that in past had been prone to corporate abuse and market failures. Such a compromise is possible but it involves bringing in some creative and pragmatic progressive leaders as policy advisors who don't fit the traditional liberal and democratic mold.

Possibly whats' most realistic is to have Paul run as a independent and attempt to finally overturn the two party duopoly that upholds the political status quo, capitalizing on the building resentment of the existing mainstream political leadership that is eroding the political center. 

Regardless of all the domestic challenges we face there is a huge momentum towards greater militarization and confrontation and destabilization of the current global order. But the reality is that its hard to just sit by and watch the world order the USA has worked so hard to create slowly collapse into a big fiery mess defined by increasingly terrifying explosions of anger, despondency and extremism. 
Obama says the post-9/11 authority to attack al Qaeda gives him the authority to attack ISIS in Syria. There is absolutely NO CONNECTION between the Islamic State and the perpetrators of 9/11. The current war launched against Syria is illegal, unconstitutional and will only increase the dangers America faces.
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