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Jeff Bates
program manager, google, open source, sourceforge, sight machine, slashdot
program manager, google, open source, sourceforge, sight machine, slashdot


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Some pictures from my #tasmania #hiking #australia. Taken on my Nexus 6P
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"If you run batch auctions and introduce random delays and reshuffle the queue constantly, you are basically replacing your matching engine with a randomizer. " On Sebi's proposed changes.

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+Ben Fried Was Ebinger's as well known as the article purports?  (And yes, I know, carbs)

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Alright, +Daryll Henrich this book also has a bunch of science in it, so you might not like it as much but I think you will like it. I suspect +Colm Buckley may have read it as well. The translation is well done, but its interesting to see science fiction written from a non-Western perspective.

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Guess what I am going to try and do today.  
SD card failure; data loss...

While out shooting some photos at a Christmas Market, my camera suddenly couldn't read my main 64G SD card. I realized that I was bad and didn't transfer the photos from my vacation where I visited my family yet... or anything after, either.

Thankfully, I had 3 backup 16G SD cards with me (so I just shot a few photos on one of those — I didn't take that many photos, but at least I didn't lug my camera around for nothing).

When I got back to my computer, the card did mount, but it only had a few photos from the very beginning of vacation and not any of my family or any others after. Most everything was clearly lost.

PhotoRec to the rescue! It found my Fuji raw files as well as JPEGs (as I shot in RAW+JPEG a bit, so I could hand a few photos immediately to my family while there).

So, morals of the story:

1. Transfer photos as soon as you can.
2. Do not trust SD cards, even expensive "pro" cards.
3. Have a backup SD card or two with you in your bag.
4. PhotoRec is great to use when storage eventually fails.

BTW: PhotoRec can recover a lot more than just photos and images — it has support for a ton of different file formats, and on many different filesystems too. It's free software and cross-platform as well:

#dataloss #recovery #photography #photorec #sdcard

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This guy wins at Dad jokes, regardless of cultural background.
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