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Jeff Bakalar
Professional podcast, videogame reviewer, on-air tech and pop-culture talking head
Professional podcast, videogame reviewer, on-air tech and pop-culture talking head

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in latest v3.23 beta all weather is showing up incorrectly. KLWP is using correct GPS but all weather forecasts are completely inaccurate.

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Using the latest version of KLWP and have noticed a few issues lately, mostly items not correctly updating, very slow to update, or not working at all:

- Name of the location I'm in does not update
- Current SSID not properly displayed

When I go back into KWLP and just hit the "save" icon, everything updates again correctly.

Any idea what's wrong? Again, this only started happening in the last few weeks.

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So many great games in 2015. I did not play them all. How could anyone? That's impossible. But of the ones I did, these were my favorite:

Found this beautiful Weather Icon komponent set in the Gallery Community, but for some reason one specific weather condition is rendering the wrong graphic. "Cloudy Night" renders "Cloudy Day" even though the Cloudy Night icon is loaded in the module. I've been trying to deconstruct the .json to see why it's displaying the wrong icon but can't wrap my head around it.

Komponent is here:

Really making some solid progress in learning the ins and outs of KLWP. Is there a way to deconstruct a komponent? Specifically I want to jump in and edit Frank's sample signal bar komponent (

Also, after a fair amount of searching these communities, XDA, etc., I wonder if I'm missing some preexisting signal bar komponents. Haven't seen too many of these. Would love to know if anyone has some to share.

Thanks all!

Hi all, been at this for 3 days on and off. Been using recent posts dealing with similar situation but I've had very little luck. I just can't wrap my head around it.

Trying to get battery percentage text to change color based on battery level. I have this code:

Battery at $if(bi(level)<100, "[c=#FF000000]bi(level)%[/c]"$

But it just returns a blank. What am I missing? Not sure if that color above is green, but it doesn't matter for right now. The color code is the least of my problems.

Also trying to do the same thing for a progress bar, but can't find the right location to enter the formula. 

Thanks all. Love the potential of this app, but there's a small barrier to entry!

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I kidnapped our iPhone 6/6 Plus reviewer and made him answer questions from CNET readers

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Hey there Google friends. I've gone and reviewed Destiny after playing it for a week. It takes a special kind of loser to do that. Read what I thought of the whole thing, no matter what you've probably heard.

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On today's show: a perfectly good way to flush $3000 down the toilet.

HINT: Get married.
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