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Jeff Adams Real Estate Anti Scam Tips

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Jeff Adams Real Estate: Implications of Foreclosures
have significant implications to the real estate market in 2016 . Foreclosure is confiscation of mortgaged property by the lender for default on
loan.   The default can be the result of
various causes, such as: divorce, relocation, unemployment...

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Jeff Adams Foreclosures - Real Estate Investors Paradise for 2016
you have taken a look at the tabloids lately, you probably know that 2016 is a
promising year for real estate investors . The market is slowly recovering from the
slump in previous years and investors are confident about the road that lies
ahead. Home pr...

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The Process of Foreclosures: Understanding the Intricacies
Experiencing a foreclosure
first hand really impacts you. However, the intensity of the impact depends on
what role you play in the process of a foreclosure. Whether you are new to the
term, have experienced it before, involved in the legal process or feel ...

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Foreclosures – An opportunity in distress
Foreclosure is
a specific legal process through which a lender attempts to recover the balance
amount of a defaulted loan by forcing the sale of the asset used as collateral against
the loan. Large scale foreclosures signal an economy in distress and have

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Investing In Real Estate: The Advantages and Disadvantages
It is true that because of
the significance that real estate holds in the present scenario, an investment
in real estate hardly ever goes wrong. However, I am not stating that it never
goes wrong. Real Estate cannot be considered as the safest form of inves...

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Didn’t Someone Tell You We Are in a Recession?
We are all aware that the economy
has taken a nosedive over the past couple of years. Businesses are closing
their doors, employees are being downsized, and the current market value of
houses has been consistently dropping. Although, the recession is damagi...

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Buying Beats Renting in 80 Percent of U.S. Cities
Thanks to falling home prices and
rising rents, would-be home buyers have the upper hand this house-hunting
season. In nearly 4 out of 5 major U.S. cities, it’s now cheaper to buy a home
than to rent. That’s up from 72 percent of cities last quarter, based ...

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Finding a Notary When You Need Documents Right Away
When time is of the essence in
regards to a real estate investing business transaction, it is good to know the quickest avenues to
take in order to locate the necessary information and connect with the
necessary individual to be a part of the business trans...

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Growing Foreclosure Pipeline To Further Erode Housing Prices
The mounting shadow inventory will
cause further erosion for years to come for US housing prices, which are
already suffering from depressed demand. Delays in servicing distressed
properties are adding to a cumulative supply of unsold homes that is 3 times

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How to Make Money from Investing in Foreclosures
Foreclosures work differently from
state to state, but the basics are pretty standard: When a homeowner starts
missing mortgage payments, the bank gives notice to the homeowner and to the
local government that the loan is delinquent. After a time, the bank ...
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