It seems torrents are a very good way for CM distribution. This has been tried before (I believe with CM6 and CM7) but wasn't received very well. This time around, however, it seems to really have taken off. (3rd time's a charm?)

Because it is actually working this time, a few infrastructure changes are more than likely going to go into effect. I am working on integrating magnet links directly into This'll take a bit since I also have a couple other hats to wear. But it will be done. Torrent files will also be provided. The torrent files and magnet links will be pushed ahead of true download links. This will help immensely in alleviating stress on the download servers. Of course, traditional downloads from the mirrors will still be available. Just a bit after torrents get pushed out. This will allow the people who are willing to seed to grab files and get rolling.

As for now, you can grab .torrent files for the CM 7.2.0-RC1 release from All devices are available now, and fully seeding. There is even a zip with all of the torrents in case you feel gracious enough to seed for all the devices. (My home bandwidth is currently being eaten alive.)

Remember folks, sharing is caring. Seed your download for a little while after you are done downloading. You could even set an upload cap of 50k/s and it'll help immensely.
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