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Jeely Bleiler Top Marketing and Media Buying Agency
J+B North America is among the top national media buying agencies and marketing agencies that excels within the following niche silos: marketing strategy, media planning, media buying, and marketing research.
J+B North America is among the top national media buying agencies and marketing agencies that excels within the following niche silos: marketing strategy, media planning, media buying, and marketing research.

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It's an inevitable fact that the Internet has made print newspapers nearly irrelevant. Now we say goodbye to the print version of the ‘world’s oldest’ newspaper, as it has officially decided to go digital after 279 years of existence. Lloyd's List, which calls itself the "world's oldest newspaper," will transition to an online-only publication by December according to +Mashable.
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Great news for any #TraditionalMediaAgency ...  
Peek-a-Blog: New Report: Traditional Media Still #1 Source of Content B2B Marketers Share

Peek-a-Blog Shout Out: Forbes - Cheryl Conner

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What's News? 
Google Alters #Search to Handle More Complex Queries
What’s News?  Search is getting smarter.

Google Alters Search to Handle More Complex Queries
Once again, Google goes to great lengths to help our ever-curious minds find just what we’re searching for. Just yesterday Google announced one of the biggest changes to its search engine that the company has seen since 2000. 

This change in search engine algorithm is a result of Google users increasingly “googling” long and compound questions. The new algorithm, Hummingbird, has been written to handle more complex queries with enhanced semantic search; this will allow the world’s most popular search engine to focus more on trying to understand the meaning of and relationships among things, as opposed to its original strategy of matching keywords – via +The New York Times 

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What does Google's new #Hummingbird search algorithm really mean? Find out here. #SEO   #semanticsearch  
+David Amerland, #SemanticSearch whiz, lays out the three new levels of #semantic wizardry that Google's #Hummingbird update has added to your search experience.

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How to better perform a mobile #mediabuyingservice  [article] - great evaluation of smartphone users versus tablet users! 
Mobile advertising has proven to be an effective channel for brand awareness, direct response marketing, and customer relations. However, before getting started with mobile media buying and planning – it’s important to understand why, when, and where your customers are using their different mobile devices.  This article takes a closer look at how consumers really feel about their smartphones versus their tablets: 

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If a 3 minute story can bring you to tears - now that's good #TVadvertising .
After viewing this TVC, we have officially dubbed today #TearjerkerTuesday .

TrueMove H artistically demonstrates the power of giving in its new heartwarming TV ad. The Thai phone company released this #TVadvertising spot last week and seems to have the whole world in tears as the video currently has more than 11,000,000 views on YouTube. Can you imagine how many tears have been shed?

Watch as TrueMove H shares its beautiful message as to why “giving is the best communication.” Grab your tissues, ladies and gents. 

More of our favorites here:

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What's News?    #socialmedia   #Pinterest  
Pinterest has released an update expanding article pins. Now, when users pin an article - the pin will contain more information about the piece including the author’s name, the article title, a brief description and a larger link (instead of just a photo).
+Mashable reports that the new updates could encourage more media outlets to utilize Pinterest as a tool to promote content with readers like they do with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Just getting started with online or traditional advertising? Or, new to the media buying world? +Jeely+Bleiler North America has an online glossary just for you! Check out the key terms that can help you better understand advertising, marketing, and media buying service:

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What's News? #TVmediabuying   #TVrating   #mobile   #Nielsen  
What’s news? 
+Nielsen will be adding multiplatform measurement services into its industry-standard TV rating system in the fall of 2014. The company’s plan is to start incorporating viewership of television shows on mobile devices.
The New York Times explains “While most TV consumption still happens through traditional TV sets, more and more people are watching on other screens, like smartphones. Networks have been pressuring Nielsen to include those people in the ratings reports that calibrate advertising rates and influence the perceptions of success and failure.”
Because Nielsen ratings exist mainly for TV media buying and selling, the expansion plan does not include ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Here's +The New York Times scoop:

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