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JeeJee Saafir
Marketing & Mindset Mentoring for Transformational Coaches & Experts
Marketing & Mindset Mentoring for Transformational Coaches & Experts
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Possibility... Ahhhh... You smell that?

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You don't have to wait for someone to give you permission to go for your dreams.

And you don't have to live locked into self defeating loops of fear and self sabotage any longer.

You can finally take a real chance on yourself and approach your life & biz from a different vantage point...

Without your fear of failure, regardless of your aversion to risk and making mistakes.

Grab your seat for my free training now.
We start tomorrow.

I will teach you immediately implementable strategies to blast through your fear whenever you're moving into situations in your biz that make you anxious or afraid.

See you there! ☝

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How would it feel to be relaxed going into situations that normally bring up fear or anxiety?

How much healthier do you think you would be if you weren't stressed all the time about future "possible" events?

You think having mental and emotional freedom would change your life and business?

You bet!

Join me for my free training and I'll show you how to gain that freedom.

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What do you deeply, truly want for yourself?

Create a vision that is clear, focused and lights you up!

As you let your vision deepen you, and awaken you and expand you into your uniqueness and truth you'll learn to trust your intuition again.

And the fear and self-doubt that arises during this exploration will support you in diving deeper into your core, and discovering the amazing person you truly are.

Be bold #visionary

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Which wolf wins today?
There are two wolves always fighting inside us all...
One is fear, doubt, guilt, shame, inferiority & resentment...
The other is love, confidence, power, truth & joy...

Which wolf will win today?

The one you feed...

Take back your power to choose...

Join me on my upcoming training: 7 Steps to Move Through Fear & Doubt for More Profit, Purposeful Productivity & Peace of Mind

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This is a great article about the benefits of being yourself.. For real...

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If you help people in the industries of health, relationships, money, spirituality, sex, career, fitness [insert expertise here], but you're struggling to market and sell that wonderful thing you do, you'll want to join me LIVE next Saturday, December 17th.

Come learn what's getting in the way & how to turn it around.

Register today!

See ya there!


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Are you a Coach, Expert or Holistic Practitioner who loves what you do, but hates selling your services? Come join me for a free talk to help you banish your fears and get real comfortable receiving money for the amazing work you do. Get the details and grab your seat here:

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In a discovery session you want to create tension, not pressure. Read on...

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There's a little known, counterintuitive secret to getting new clients.

And that secret is actually to uncover all the reasons you might NOT actually want them.

Sounds crazy I know.

You're thinking "of course I want new clients, what the hell is this crazy talk, JeeJee."

Well for many coaches there's a part of them that definitely wants new clients and a part of them that does NOT want new clients.

When I go deep with clients to find out what's getting in their way, here's what they tell me:

*I'm scared that if I do get a client and I don't help her get results then she'll ask for her money back or I'll look like a failure

*What if I end up working so much that I get sick again

*Why should someone hire me when there's so many other experts out there

*If I ask for the sale people might think I'm greedy and all about the money

*Im afraid that if someone hires me, I'll have to figure out what to say and do in every session with them and I'm not sure I can do that. They'll think I'm a fraud if I don't have my shit together...

And the list goes on...

You must address those worries, fears, doubts and concerns because if not...

All that mental BS will grind everything to a halt.

It's easy for me to teach clients how to create programs, and have effective enrollment conversations and get clear on their message, and uncover their story, and find their niche and blah, blah, blah... and clients love that, but...
The "how to" is actually the easy part.
The HARD part is all the fears, worries and concerns that come with it.
You have to focus on your "inner game" just as much (if not more so) as you focus on your "outer game."

I'll be diving deep into the inner and outer game of creating and selling deeply transformational coaching programs in my upcoming Free Masterclass. Grab your seat.
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