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Good Food Eating. Wholefood Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Good Food Eating. Wholefood Nutrition & Healthy Eating
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Thanks, this was very helpful :)

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Both omega 6 and omega 3 come under the same banner and yet they are both VERY different. Find out more about them to help reduce #inflammation.

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Some help for stress :)
STRESSED OUT?!?!  Who Isn't?  Well, Here's Help.  4 GREAT Tips to Reduce and Manage Stress.  Serious help on the blog from +Jedha D .  

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#stress   #healthyliving   #naturalremedies  

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The role of nutrition in Inflammation is a major topic focus of my Masters (which I’m almost complete).

So I've put together some great articles and resources from the GFE blog about inflammation.

You have to take your health into your own hands because our environment is not likely to change in a hurry!

In Australia there was just $932 million allocated toward preventitive health over a 10 year period. Put this up against an average $12.6 billion spent on food advertising each year. And out of that food manufacturing in Aus makes a whopping $74 billion each year!!

Don't let the food companies win your dollars or your health

Have you got insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?

I'm doing a diet and health series on the blog so if you've got questions or something you'd like to know more about, please leave them below and we'll be sure to cover them in the series. #type2diabetes #insulinresistance  

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Typically nothing better that we can do for ourselves is put less into our mouths. And then when we do put things in our mouths select better, whole-foods that nourish our body.

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One in 20 people will suffer from a thyroid disorder, and women are often the victims with 1 in 14 having a thyroid disorder. Find out a few things about it here #thyroidhealth #growyourgoogleplus #hormones  

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Parents with kids aged 5-11years needed to fill in short survey please.

+Adrienne Urban Could you reshare this survey, I need more parents to help with a small research project I'm doing. Thanks :)
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