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Watching "Harry Brown" with Michael Caine...the thugs in this make Eminem look like a choirboy. Terrifying to think this is a realistic portrayal.
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Hard movie to watch. One of the better revenge movies I have seen as of late. Glad I saw it but I will never watch it again.
This movie was amazing. I just recommended this and District 9 to a coworker for the weekend.

Harry Brown reminded me of a 70yr old British Punisher, but much more polite... In a way. Wasn't his character a former royal marine or SAS? He kills crims. I love that word... Crims.
Royal marine if i remember correctly. I've watched a bunch of revenge movies like Taken or this and still think Harry Brown is near the top of the list. Of the newer ones I was surprised by Faster with the Rock. It's a turn your brain off movie though.
Thanks, I'll give Faster a look see. I like movies like that, from time to time. I remember talking with a buddy about Taken. He said it was, and I quote, "predictable".

Wow. It kinda pissed me off. I have two girls, so the movie struck a chord instantly. Also, seeing Liam Neeson kicking the living shit outa people and plugging them into the walls of decent power grids because they kidnapped his daughter is never gonna get old.
I still have the image of him planting the two copper poles in the guys legs, which was bad enough, and THEN plugging him into the wall. Brutal movie. Didn't like the James Bondish attack on the boat scene. Otherwise, also as a father of daughters, I liked it
I loved the part where he jumped into the cab with the guy and started pounding him into hamburger. The movie as a whole was kick ass. Even the Cherokee/ML Chase scene.
The thugs in Harry Brown are so, so disgusting and detestable.The opening scene alone...

+Wayne Moyer, I loved Faster, but I have a bit of a man-crush on Dwayne Johnson.
Kevin Bacon's Death Sentence (which I think was originally penned as a spiritual successor to Bronson's Death Wish series) is also a good revenge flick. Bacon's character is a normal guy, but he seems to posess superhuman intuition and agility at times, so there's some suspension of disbelief involved.
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