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Practice social distancing.
Practice social distancing.

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Using the production/regular Google Play build and a number of vaulted photos are still present in Google Photos app and other apps that access the gallery (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) They are completely hidden on Focus but obviously it's no good if they can still be accessed so easily. When I use Solid Explorer to navigate to the directory where the photos originally were before vaulting them, the files (for the ones not properly hidden) are still there. I've tried restarting, clearing cache, and so on. Thought about deleting files and seeing if they still exist in the vault but I'd prefer not to lose any files. 

I was thinking about using this again and then I saw how cluttered it is. ONE COLUMN 4 EVA

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Yo Milwaukeeans (Riverwesterners in particular) please keep your eyes peeled for a black and red Schwinn Voyageur (hybrid/mountain bike style). Very large. Tall I mean, probably one of the tallest bikes you've seen that isn't, you know, two bikes grafted one on top of the other or a penny-farthing or something. It was stolen from my back porch early this morning, sometime between 12:30 AM and 7:00 AM. It may or may not have Borg Ward and New Labor stickers on it. It may still have a Kryptonite Series 2 u-lock around the frame. It also has a black plastic fender attached to the seat post and a beautiful brown saddle. This bike is my primary means of transport and I love it dearly. Please message me if you see it, and please feel free to repost this for me.

Huh. What is up with this place. Need to let facebook cool down for a bit.
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