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Jeb Dickerson

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Jeb Dickerson

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Hello, new to teaching but trying hard to integrate tech into most things. Can anyone share some advise as to how best to use PDFs in Google Classroom in a way that allows students to open them on their chromebooks and (digitally) write on them?

In other words, I'm creating assignments in Google Classroom that have PDFs as attachments, and I want the students to be able to open them and type upon them. Seems like this must be easy to accomplish, but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks for any help/advice.

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Hi you
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Jeb Dickerson

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Looks like a phenomenal resource...
Google+ University

With 40+ articles and counting, it occurs to me that there’s quite a bit of information on our favorite social network within my site, but they’re not so easily organized or discovered. So, I’ve put together this resource for you so that you can jump in wherever you need to. Whether you’re at the 101 level or the 501 level, there are articles and resources here for you.

GOOGLE+ 101: Introduction to Google+

01. The Power of the +Plus 
02. Social Media Active Users by Network [INFOGRAPH]
03. Should Google+ Be a Digital Marketing Priority? 
04. Top Google+ Influencers and Educators 
05. Learn About the Benefits of Google+ with Mike Allton [VIDEO]

GOOGLE+ 201: Getting Around The Plus

06. How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network 
07. Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]
08. 6 Ways a Formatted Google+ Post Will Increase Engagement and Interest
09. Secret Tips to Using Google+ Circles 
10. The Complete Social Media Cover Photo Guide
11. How to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading 
12. How to Link to a Google Plus Post 

GOOGLE+ 301: Growing Your Business with Google+

13. Manage Google+ Pages from Mobile - 
14. How To Create Google +Post Ads 
15. Are You Mining Google Plus for Gold? 
16. Google+ Releases Gorgeous New Site Badges 
17. Use this Amazing Technique to Increase Blog Engagement on Google+ 
18. Is your brand listening on Google Plus? It should be! 
19. Promoting Content with Google+ 
20. 8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

GOOGLE+ 401: Advanced Plussing

21. How Not to use Google+ 
22. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
23. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers [VIDEO]
24. Should You Plus Your Own Plus Posts? 
25. How To Get Full-Bleed Images on Google+ - 
26. How to Track Google+ Post Impressions 
27. Key to Virality: What's Hot on Google+ 
28. Explore the Benefits of Google+ Ripples 
29. Anatomy of a Viral Post

GOOGLE+ 501: HOAs, Tools & Communities

30. How to Test and Refine Your Google+ Strategy
31. Brand Your HOA to Positively Impact Your Audience 
32. How to Manage Your Google+ Brand Using HootSuite
33. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with Buffer 
34. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with HootSuite 
35. Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide 
36. How to Create a Google+ Community 
37. Stop the insanity! Keep Google+ Community posts off your profile.
38. The Best Google+ Communities 
39. Cleaning Up Your Google+ Communities 
40. Understand and Monitor your Google+ Followers with CircleCount 

GOOGLE+ 601: Google Authorship

41. Google AuthorRank: Fact or Fiction 
42. Google Authorship - are we there yet? 
43. Is Ranking First on Google All That Matters?

This is a lot to cover, so bookmarking this post would be a good idea. (See #11 & #12 above). You can also pin the post to Pinterest!

If you have any questions, or would like more hands-on help developing a strategy for success on Google+ for your business, circle and private message me and we’ll start a dialogue.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on Google+, and start using the platform to learn and grow!

#GooglePlus #SocialMedia #GooglePlusTips #Business  

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The Social Media Hat -
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Jeb Dickerson

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Charlie's most recent shot from Sequoia National Park. Bats and rats couldn't keep us off that rock for our first night-time trip.
This is the view from the top of Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park at night. It was tough capturing the Milky way due to smoke from prescribed fires, light pollution, and smog, but this is what I managed to get. I hope you all enjoy
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Jeb Dickerson

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Our Sequoia NP trip was cut short on the front end by the girl's interview, and on the back end by rain, but we crammed plenty in while it lasted. It's a tradition that we've stuck to for some years now, and it'll take more than good opportunities and desperately needed moisture to keep us away. :)
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Jeb Dickerson

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"How do we do something so difficult that others can't imagine doing it?" is a fine question to ask today."

Seth Godin

Indeed it is. 
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Jeb Dickerson

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One of my faves...
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Jeb Dickerson

Discussion  - a brand new teacher I've got some questions about class websites. Obv I'll follow my district's policies, but I'm just looking for some feedback from those who have used classroom web sites as a place for students to write. I see huge value in that, along with the ability for peer assessments, getting feedback, etc..

However, if your class uses a blog like this, is it public? Or password protected, etc? (Does everyone in the world have access to it?) Do you have concerns about what students write? Do you require that you read it first before it is published? Do you run into problems with regard to the content that students post, either images or the words they write?

Do you feel some/any risk to you as a teacher in terms of putting your credential in jeopardy in the event that a student posts something inappropriate?

Any input would be really helpful. It seems like to order to teach digital citizenship we need to let students operate in a public forum on the web. I also know we have a duty to protect them and ensure a safe environment in all things, so feedback from those of you who are doing it would be super.

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Thanks TF...looks like it's not education related, but thanks for the tip..
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Jeb Dickerson

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Tell me about it. Not only is he taller than me, but stronger, too. Not cool.
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Jeb Dickerson

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The girl and boy #2 taking in the splendor of the Hobie end-of-summer sale.
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Jeb Dickerson

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Interesting... Never heard about this.

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Jeb Dickerson

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Looks like a great resource....
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Education, Reflection, Action
I'm a father of 2 boys, a husband to 1 girl, and together we're ploughing forward through uncertain times. But as you've likely learned over the years (as have I), certainty has a way of becoming stagnancy, so now and then, uncertain is okay. 

My new role as a Social Studies teacher for Vista High School represents the beginning of a journey for me, and I couldn't be happier. The opportunity to impact our young people is a gift, and I'm ready to bring every resource I have available to the effort. More than that, I'm anxious to collaborate with other teaching professionals to ensure that uncertainty remains a constant. Without it, there's no growth, and without growth, I've no right to expect greatness from my students. 

I also write the blog and, among other things, help small businesses with their online lives. I make custom WordPress websites, offer WordPress Coaching and a host of other web-related services. If you're in need/want of a very professional, functional website or blog, and don't have a ton of money to throw at it, you should probably call me.

Beyond this, I'm a former runner, an aspiring future runner, I do okay on a surfboard, I really like taking pictures and, for me, there's not much in the world that can't be fixed with a little time spent in nature...preferably the kind of nature with mountains and trees and rivers.
Bragging rights
In a past life (that is, prior to some ankle pain), I ran an ultra-marathon through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I also married the girl I first dated prior to starting High School, and despite much of what I see in the world, I'm still an idealist.
  • Western Governors University
    Single Subject Teaching Credential (Social Studies), 2011 - 2012
  • University of California, Irvine
    Political Science, 1993 - 1996
Basic Information
Social Studies Teacher - Vista High School, VUSD
My credential is a single subject Social Sciences variety. I'm very handy with WordPress - customizing, teaching, using.
  • Vista High School
    Social Studies Teacher, 2014 - present
  • Technology Coach
    2008 - 2013
    Part of how I make my living is building websites and teaching others to leverage their online power. The internet, and the technologies it’s brought us that enhance our ability to connect, to learn and to where I spend my time. I create sites that communicate ideas, I use tools that amplify reach, and I understand and respect the fact that technology isn’t just the’s the now.
  • Laguna Beach Unified School District
    Substitute Teacher, 2012 - 2014
    All grades, all subjects.
  • I've done other things...
    But none are directly related to the education field. They've all brought me to where I am, however. Lead me to the place where making this course correction was both necessary and possible, and for that I'm grateful.
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Lake Forest, CA - Arvada, CO - Ashburn, VA - Gordonsville, VA
The food is good, especially the pizza, but the employees are great. Always helpful and polite. Great location, too.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
This is a pretty standard surf shop with all the things you'd expect. But the people are fantastic and are why we keep coming back.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Really unique spot. Everything about it was fantastic, from the repurposed decor and furniture to, naturally, the food and beer. And the service (Rahim, I think was our server's name) was top notch. Highly recommend.
Public - a month ago
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Larimer Square is a very cool part of Denver. At night, the lights draped around the street create a great atmosphere. My favorite spot there is The Market, which is a combination coffee house/market/deli, with a central counter where you can order sandwiches, hot food, etc. The coffee and pastries are fantastic, as are the sandwiches. There's plenty of seating and WIFI if you want to stay connected.
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25 reviews
Too crowded, such that the camping experience isn't really a camping experience. The water is pretty gross as well. I would personally never camp or surf here.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
By far my favorite sandwich spot in Boulder. Too many options to list, but rest assured, you'll find plenty of things worth trying. The half sandwich option is generally plenty of food, and the full is huge, likely to offer leftovers. The Hill (where HFS is located) is a great spot, with lots of other stores worth visiting, and close to the campus (CU), hiking, downtown, etc. Definitely worth a visit.
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My wife has been going for years and it's a required stop every time we visit Denver. Tons of great fabric and all the necessary ingredients for a great day of crafting.
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reviewed a month ago