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Jeb Baxley
A tech GEEK who never grew up, only awesome ... er
A tech GEEK who never grew up, only awesome ... er

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This is pretty cool
I have a request to Web Designers and Front-Enders present in the group.

Our team has created a framework / UI Kit for Bootstrap based on Google Material Design. We released it 4 weeks ago and to our surprise we got already surprisingly positive feedback.

We're still in the testing and improving phase .If anyone of you would like to have a look and give us a feedback - we would be very thankful :)

this was a great set of videos to watch.

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It was a good video showing the potential of gnome 3.18

+patrick dorton​, happy birthday bud

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this was an interesting article and touts on a tough subject - how we prepare students for real work in the IT industry.
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