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Jeanette Andersen

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I understand to long time since posting.  My problem is, I don't take the time to read other posts I'm linked too.  That I need to add to my schedule. I find it hard to find any 'Me Time'. Working on it and good job getting your plans, books, and life back in order.
It’s been a long while since I last posted and a lot of changes have happened in my life, but now I’m back! I’m oiling up the promotion machine and getting my books out there. First, I totally re-edited and re-wrote my entire...

Jeanette Andersen

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Hello and thanks for thinking of me. : )
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Thank you for the invitation.  It is a hard  way of life balancing out all we Moms have to do.
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I am sure my daughter will write her own tell-all book when she is an adult. ;)
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Jeanette Andersen

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Thank you for posting this info.

I lived in Vermont for 10 years.  Come to find out, my 6th and 5th grandparents lived there as well in the small town that I lived in. I had the privilege of doing the deed work and found out where their property was and was able to walk on it.  Some of their property now is the towns forest area with trails.  Lots of interesting history in Vermont.
Merry Day after Christmas and all most New Year.  Hope we are all writing away. (I'm not :( )
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Hi Shawnee, can I add you on my The Next Big Thing blog?
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