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I'm putting up my profile photo and planning to start using (& figuring out) Google+ !
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hi luv  ur blog,m following u everywher :).pinterest ,google, hihi atart google + myself and a blog of my own try to figure out both,thnx for all ur lovely work
+soha elgemeay Glad you like my blog! And thanks for the kind note. And yes, google+ seems to take some figuring out... I'm still working on that.
By the way +soha elgemeay I love the salt dough artworks you posted on your blog. What kind of paint did you use on them?
thnx for checking my blog,what i used for the salt dough is gouache (poster colors),i guess acrylic can work too.
hy again,may i ask u somethin .i was trying to work on the design of my blog and then the blog archives disapeared,do u know what i should do??? thnx
I'm sorry but I don't know. I'm not very good at tech stuff. Perhaps do a google search or e-mail your blog host? Good luck!
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