Going Forward

So now that not only has the Google+ death sentence (for consumers) been moved forward to April but the API is also due to close in the next 90 days. This has meant that I have had to somewhat accelerate my plans to move somewhere else.

My plan has always been to simply return to my own blog. I've no interest in the likes of MeWe or PlusPora or whatever newfangled social network is trending these days. However I'm in the process of getting a new domain and for practical reasons I won't be able to go ahead with that until the new year. But I've wrangled together a new theme for my website. It's not amazing but it will work for me and in due course I will share all the links for you guys to continue following me over there. Whether I will continue Friday pictures will depend on all of you I suppose but I hope I will.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this rose from my garden

For +FloralFriday curated by +Eustace James +Beth Akerman

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