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Wow. iOS users are actually getting the same voice search experience as Android 4.1 in a few days, hopefully, letting more people witness just how advanced Google's voice recognition and search capabilities are compared to Siri.

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+Rafael Ledesma Search is Google's bread and butter, so really, innovation in search should be platform agnostic. What matters is that users keep searching on Google. There are many reasons behind the move: being the best search engine (and remaining that way), providing a better alternative to Siri, increasing mobile search market share which is currently at risk on iOS, controlling the search experience on iOS (which Google cannot influence with Siri) and also diverting a huge amount of voice data back to Google in order to improve voice recognition. The more data, the better.
+Rafael Ledesma I guess time will tell. I recognize that iOS users will temporarily get better voice search ahead of other Android users on ICS and older. But the point is, Google still stands to win by controlling its own apps on iOS, as it plans to do with Maps, Search, Earth and other services. Mass usage is how revenues are made for Google. Plus, I admire the company's commitment to provide great technology for everyone. 
3 points to +1 +Jean-Louis Nguyen , and thank You +Rafael Ledesma to feed the post discussion.

"I admire company's commitment to provide great Technology for everyone" -> even if business and financial backgrounds are involved inside this principle, it remains one of the major reasons why google can expect support From so many power using consumers.

Then of course
2- mass usage -> Hugh revenues
3 - the more voice data back to google -> the Better voice recognition can be improved
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