A few updates in the world of Android

- Journal app +Path introduces photo filters on Android - a year after iOS. Now valued at $250m, the social network recently raised $30m from VC firms, including Virgin Group's +Richard Branson.

- Toronto-based photography hosting service +500px launched an app for tablets and phones (Android 2.2+), with full screen slideshow mode and real-time updates as new photos are uploaded to the service.

- +Spotify for Android has been redesigned from top-to-bottom to support ICS, along with new features: slide-out navigation, social discovery, high-res album covers, an 'exteme' sound quality for 320 kbps audio. Spotify will also include folder management and Last.fm scrobbling at release. While the new app hasn't made it into Google Play Store yet, you can preview the new design by installing the apk (link):

- Xolo X900 will be the world's first "+Intel Inside" smartphone, coming to India, sporting a 1.6 GHz Atom Z2460 processor, 1024x600 display, and an 8-megapixel camera on the back. Orange and Lenovo are set to announce their own Medfield-powered smartphones within the next few months. Bring it, Intel.

- Draw Something gets an undo button and the ability to comments on someone's drawing. That could be interesting.
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