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Approximately 8 million viewers tuned in on +YouTube to watch Felix Baumgartner's stunning  #spacejump , when the man reached 833.9mph during freefall. If the number is confirmed, YouTube will have broken its last livestream record by a factor of 16 (previous record: the London 2012 Olympic Games).

This is the future of live events. When something is allowed to broadcast free of geographic restrictions and artificial tape delays, the audience goes global. When traditional media is allowed to converge with social networks, anything can become a shared moment.

Great job Felix & #RedBullStratos ! And +YouTube, for inexplicably handling such a huge number of concurrent streams without imploding.

Edit: The number has just been confirmed by YouTube - 8 million concurrent livestreams. Link:
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Good post +Jean-Louis Nguyen .

How did YouTube (and the internet in general) cope with this global streaming ? Maybe the answer will become clearer in a day or two.
+Charles Hopkinson, I was thinking the same thing. Going on averages I'd say over 4 petabytes of data would of being transferred in that short period of time. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK!?
Love how it goes from 300k to half million but the minute someone jumps  and possibly could of died jumps to 8 million Viewers
I am glad people appreciate adventure and excitement 25 times more than a stupid wedding. 
London games you were awesome too.
I think the YouTube broadcast was very high definition, good camera angles, good editing and audio ... and was continuous ... as opposed to news networks cutting in & out.

I think these reasons contributed to viewers staying tuned.... all the way down !
Saw the whole thing live on YouTube, from Dubai. :)
I think a short event is going to get more simultaneous viewers than a long one. Way to go YouTube serving the traffic! 
Well done youtube ! It would be nice to get the count displayed on the youtube page in real time. Whenever I went to it it always said 31 views!
Three of us watched it on cable - looked great on the HD TV.
Though +YouTube went down for about 10 minutes after the jump was complete. Still impressive what they did though.
Lol when I went to it, it said 1.6 mill viewers. I saw the whole thing, Youtube only crashed just after the guy had knelt down & put his hands in the air after landing
I could only stream in 240p, anything higher and it wouldn't buffer (bear in mind I can usually watch 720p)
Interesting. I saw many problems with the YouTube stream. Kept disconnecting, could not pull it back up for minutes at a time. Finally gave up and flipped the tv to discovery and watched it there. Live streaming may be the future, but it still has growing pains.
Not complaining give it's a free service but it was extremely pixelated for me in the UK. Tried a number of devices all of which had the same problem, so switched to the streaming BBC News feed, which was perfect.
Nick P
haha so cool
There is a serious clue as to what people think is important and interesting. By quite a margin it isn't the Royals, the "debates", or anything on TV. It's adventure and heroic madness pushing the edge of the possible.

Logic will simply have to catch up.
Monsieur ... they now control the Internet plus all other social media .. it is only by an act of God that I have been allowed to connect to this Google stream ... what do they wish & what do they intend ... ask the French Communist Party who wished Dien Bien Phu and Sar Saloth also trained in France by Peten's nazis and communist bankers upon poor beleagured Cambodia ... as working with american liberals they demonstrated to Southeast Asians -- How easy it was to kill americans -- whites or blacks or hispanics as we here my cockatiel friend Kissy and me await some accidental poisoning for him and a resultant broken heart for me. So expect our simple soldiers to be betrayed again - bodies first in Afghan then souls in Latin America __ Bonne Soire ..( is that good evening )
Wow, more than 20 times the amount of people who watched the Royal Wedding watched the live jump? LOL
Was absolutely perfect for me, the whole 3 hours, in Australia on a fairly mediocre connection. Could stream in HD the whole time, and it didn't crash after he landed like some people are saying. I could even run 2 simultaneous streams of it!
I am not easily moved, however, this was INTENSE. 
Was the coolest i bet it starts a new sport 
Saw live in Germany, hanging out with friends from India! Was awesome.
The video worked flawlessly for me over wifi on my HTC One X. It was in HD and everything. 
+Andrew White-Cleary I think that is a plus for humanity. To focus less on social media and focus more on an historic accomplishment and scientific accomplishments.
+Jonathan Seyghal +Ross Fleming +Gregory E. Keys +Roman Putnam
These are definitely growing pains for +YouTube but their streaming infrastructure will get better going forward (they will have to). Still, a huge win for +Red Bull for making this event as ubiquitous as possible: TV, web, mobile and tablets were equal citizens. If you heard about it when it happened, you could find a way to watch it (which was not something you could do during the Olympic Games).
Streamed perfect in Kansas. Made me feel like part of the team!
Most likely because a lot of the viewers wanted to see him pass out and slam into the ground. But it was an ok watch, maybe the HD footage from his suit will be a better watch then a spec on the screen
I think this is fantastic news and shows what the internet is all about, I also had no hiccups with the stream, excellent quality.
Woke up watching it on my tablet and finished watching it through YouTube on my Google TV, History being made.
It's good to see history in the makin live no matter where you are.
What a crap chart, I watched the 2012 Olympics but never via YouTube.  Watching the Felix jump I'd probably end up at YouTube cause it isn't as televised as the other.  

Another case of statistics failing via the creator.
Was the coolest kids are all going want to do it skydiving from outspace
+Kracus Omniax The chart is specifically for YouTube viewership records - not overall viewership. The Red Bull Stratos Mission remains the biggest milestone for YouTube in terms of live views.
As far as Canada goes, the London Olympics had the best (web) coverage ever, with a hand full of different video streams available for free via the official canadian olympic broadcaster consortium (TSN/RDS+CTV+V+others), or whatever it's called. Seriously, why would anyone in Canada go watch it on Youtube instead (except the fact that it was based on Microsoft Silverlight)?
This sucks. I missed the live streaming on YouTube. I didn't even know it was still taking place. They kept putting it on hold. I thought maybe it would take place next week or something. But holy crap he did it! Sweet! 833.9mph? Man, there is no way in hell you can get me to do that. Glad he's ok. Mission accomplished. Congratulations Felix, I salute you dog!!!
Hey guys what was the excitement that I missed. I just got up. 
Dam look at the hits its like man just landed on the moon 
I watched it live on redbullstratos web site and did not encounter any trouble! Even after the landing it left for few seconds and then it's was back! It was amazing to watch and did not even click to me to check the tv! Way of the future for sure!
My feed thru BoingBoing, and here error-ed out, but I did catch it live on Discovery Space.  Pretty amazing stuff!!
These aren't really good statistics as the Royal Wedding was shown by mainstream TV channels and people would have chosen that over a (sometimes) iffy data connection. Similarly, the Olympics was shown live in a lot of countries (except the USA who have NBC to blame - ha!); in the UK the BBC created 24 digital channels for the Olympics. All one can conclude from this is that a lot of people watched Baumgartner jump on Youtube. The difference being that channel hopping the American news channels I have available to me (Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC) showed that none of these was showing the jump as far as I could tell; therefore people will seek out the next available source although it may not be their preferred source.

Mind you, there's no denying what a phenomenal achievement this was.
Wow! Amazing! It beat the royal wedding AND the olympic games COMBINED! 
And in top of the live stream, the event was also available for broadcast on the Discovery Channel, which made it all the more awesome. 
They just wanted to see if he lived 
i watched it on an RT live news feed. was an awesome jump!
I had two computer going and Tv 
And just imagine if the quality of the stream didn't suck so bad!
Discover Ch was showing it live in HD
People live vicariously and this is proof.........8 million people were jumping with him.
I'm glad I was one of the 8 million. Worth my hour and a half.
No offense, but these comparisons are meaningless. The wedding is not that interesting, and the Olympics were not streamed for free (and most of the important points of the Olympics were not live due to giving privilege to primetime TV!!). 
Jason P
Matthew ward is right its a silly comparison 
Jason P
65 million people watched 2 middle aged dudes debate
+Matthew Ward +Jason P Good point about the different nature of these events, but strictly speaking of Google's video property, the comparison shows how serious YouTube has become as a live streaming platform (and soon, Hangouts on Air).
Google should aggregate that all 8 million were from the USA.
Was the jump of national TV anywhere in the world? If it wasn't that would help the figures.... 
Kudos to the Discovery Channel too...great coverage! 
+Stuart Lussi To answer your question: "In the United States, the opportunity to watch the jump on TV was limited to the Discovery Channel, though more than 40 television networks in 50 total countries carried the lived feed, organizers said. It was also streamed by more than 130 digital outlets."  -
I think the idea is more about YouTube here and handling traffic via their site. If they truly were able to support 8 million hits/viewers at the same time that is quite a feat for them. I think it is possible considering how many mobile devices are out there that they did get that many watching on YouTube and that provides insight on viewership as well as tech capabilities. Good job YouTube.
I mean, that's just on YouTube. To suggest that the worldwide audience of this jump was bigger than the Olympics is pretty disingenuous 
Statistical accuracy of viewers is critical to Google bragging rights, and advertising revenue for future viewers
+Jean-Louis Nguyen Fair enough. Although certainly I know that I would prefer to watch the other two events on a national TV channel. This event was suited to YouTube viewing. A great milestone none the less. 
If the Royals had only wed jumping out of a balloon.
The only reason the Red Bull Stratos jump got more views than the Olympics is because people had more access watching it live on TV and is more preferable than watching it on the internet.
Therefore, I couldn't find the jump on TV, so I had no choice but to watch it on Youtube.
Historic and an advancement in space suit technology!
I couldn't watch it. The stream kept crashing on me. 
I've got 45 Megabit up & downstream fiber optic here.  Watched it all the way through at 720p with just a few buffering spots.  Not bad considering there were 8 million viewers to feed.
The best part of the visit today to the grandkids "pumpkin patch" visit was streaming FBs leap live to stepson's droid phone.  Geek out.
Was flawless and HD, great feat, YT, congratS!!
There IS hope for the human race. 
And yet the media would have us all believe we're too busy fighting economic recession/depression to shoot for the stars (or shoot for the earth in the present case).

Mankind: If you do not DREAM BIG.. you’re gonna have a bad time.
Because some dude risking his life to jump from space and break the speed of sound with his body is way cooler than watching an inbred hemophiliac rich baldie marry a party girl.
Well at least he didn't have a need for motion sickness pills. Can you imagine if the parachute didn't open, he would have had a coyote moment straight out of a Road Runner Cartoon.
Awesome I watched all of it on my Fios Quantum and it was perfect on HD. Props to YouTube for not crashing.
Probably would have emerged through the other side of the planet +Brian Ferguson ... and kept on going.
Congrats Felix and the Red Bull Team...incredible..
Really great event.  I appreciated the minimal approach: no background music, not so many "behind the scenes" montages.  Two hours of calm ascent, a natural crescendo when the door opened, and a held breath as he stood and jumped.  It couldn't have been better.  

A simple approach that let the event take center stage and a model for future production.
Nice.....Thanks for sharing
Aaj mara prabhujina rath no rankar
too bad that NBC made a mess of the olympic streaming, otherwise they could have done a lot better than that ... full credit to red bull stratos and everyone involved. Mad skills to felix for the massive balls required to stablise a supersonic freefall spin without pulling his drogue. #redbullstratos  
As internet communication becomes even more prevalent around the world, you're going to see these sort of events attract very large international flash audiences. A mere 8 million will be a flyspeck.
nope wasn't watching. I knew I'd be annoyed for weeks to come with pictures and replays on every media source...
My faith in humanity is somewhat restored. "Royal" wedding...pshaw...
Wicked numbers and my hats off to Felix.  Great achievement!
Great achievement. Saw the whole thing on Youtube without problems, from Brazil. I even shouted when he stabilized the flight. 🚀
The fact that pretty much anyone in the world can watch a live event from their phones is a big breakthrough in global communication.
I wasn't looking for it but stumbled on it on Google+ when he had risen to about 70,000 feet. We watched it until he landed!! Continuous except a few times before he jumped, the picture and sound paused and I had to touch the Nexus 7 screen to get it going again.

We also turned on the big screen where (*) was covering it. The YouTube was running about one minute behind the TV but the coverage on YouTube was continuous whereas the newscasters just couldn't keep their yaps shut and switched to other scenes that they thought were important for us. The mute button took care of that. I really enjoyed the way he landed as if he had just been sky diving from a few thousand feet!
Yeah well its not like anyone inside of a first world country could actually watch the Olympics on youtube.  
Salute to Felix... No words can describe what he did... And also nothing beats the Big G... Its a tech marvel...
The ratio of men who like brave man adventure iz >>> The ratio of men who like to be in a wedding..This is a fact.Also we if we have seen those things b4 then we loose interest n interested in something nu
I watched it and it was AMAZING!!!
Sometimes it's fun to watch history in the making..
d s
Coolest thing on the YouTubes
Content sites like YouTube use Content Distribution Networks like Akamai. The media is cached on thousands of servers worldwide to prevent delays in delivering media. They do this specifically so that they can scale to such large numbers of concurrent streams. 
Even I was one of them, from start to finish. Great Feat.
Bi Guy
This was riveting!
Lucky I missed the live stream. After watching the rebroadcast, it was so boring.
I saw the event live from Argentina in YouTube with 1080p, Google have so many servers around the world that keeps the data flow constantly. Many times the problem is with the Internet Providers not YouTube
+Mafer Yu I can see how the rebroadcast could have been boring, but the anticipation watching it live was incredible
"[..] free of geographic restrictions and artificial tape delays" - yeah sure. Youtube live was almost one minute late compared to CNN live. Or was it natural tape delay?
I have faith in google. They have pulled this thru. I was watching live on my S3 (3G) and did not have any problem. Streaming was smooth. Thanks +YouTube 
Dont believe these figures at all.
Like others have said, I also wasn't watching to see him die, I watched because it was history being made. It was mankind stretching to achieve something never before accomplished. It was a demonstration of how someone might survive a space accident. It was an AUSTRIAN, not an American nor a citizen of any of the other superpowers, an Austrian, pushing the boundaries of what humanity can do. It was as exciting as when I saw the early manned space flights, or when I saw Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. It was like watching the Curiosity Rover land on Mars, only this had much better camera angles (and no time delay, LOL). 
Was amazing and exciting and a little nerve racking also. A day to remember. 
Pretty unbelievable...I agree Ricky Jim, I was nervous when he was spinning what appeared out of control...but he pulled it off!
Watched it in full HD 1080 on my Sony 40" full HD TV in Adelaide, Australia without a hitch.
Well I didn't see the wedding, I didn't watch one single moment of the Olympics, but I watched the jump from launch to landing, so I fit the figures.
I did... Thanks! I would not have watched it live otherwise. 
Very cool dimension to share about a very cool event... And I was focused on the one guy when there were 8 million to ponder!
wow, I was followed London 2012 Olympic games
Haha yeah too bad red bull pulled it. Just have to dig a little deeper now to see replay
would have been more if I'd known it was going to be live
I cannot endorse that comment, Atilio.  Tom Petty - Free fallin'
+atilio cedillo That's actually not very funny... a little respect would be nice.
The whole human and technical achievement was definitely worth watching. The fact that you were able to see everything LIVE where-ever you were in HD quality was worth this whole endeavor alone!
If they broadcast UEFA Champions League, it could easily beat this.
I know I was streaming. Amazing feat.
Make that 7,999,999.  I had YouTube on but I was watching the jump on TV.  Sorry for messing up the stats! ;)
Olga V
Very good stream was in Russia. No disconnections and a very good picture from the beginning till the end.
It it was AWSOME!!! :) Check list and standing in the door of the capsule was just amazing!!! And when he was spinning in the air was very scary...
And around 8million the live broadcast stop for new visitors for a while!
Please bid for ever event ESP. Olympics and world cup when the contract ends
Watched it in multiple streams - 1080 HD on my flat panel (plus background telemetry on the website) and 720 on my Evo lte phone. Stunning, riveting to watch live. 
He did well,and did us all proud!
We all stopped in the middle of choir rehearsal to watch it live. Riveting stuff.
So how many are going to watch the current resident or also call occupant of the White House get evicted? And if it happened this Nov. 6th 2012 will they say America is Antiblack because the evicted a Socialist.
+Dean Holyer It would actually have to happen, to be able to be watched. Hopefully, Americans are not willing to turn America's future over to Mitt "Lets make America a Theocracy" Romney. ;)
A record only for YouTube but not for most people watching.
The number of people who watched the Olympics on the BBC site was 8.3 million.

Call me a skeptic but I couldn't keep the stream running after about 2 million viewers. I and many others probably boosted the viewer count through the multiple attempts at getting a stable stream. In the end I watched it on CBS via UStream, not on YouTube, but I'm sure YouTube still counted me as at least 1 of the 8 million.
Interesting numbers, but you have to remember both the royal wedding and Olympics were broadcast on television. With both taking in well more than 8 million viewers (huge understatement). 
I watched it all live from a small town in the UK and it was flawless, great work peoples.
Except that they broadcat the "live" stream with a 20 seconds delay to be able to cut it just in case something went wrong during the jump...
For his trick I'm sure he will parachute on to the surface of Mars
Ahh but like a billion people watched the other two on their tvs
And didn't like... +30 million watch "Gangnam Style" or something? There's the world's priorities right there. >_>'
+Gavin MacLean Psy's hit video has nearly 469 million views and it continues to go up.  There are also copycat videos that have millions of views as well.  
Kudos to Red Bull for streaming the jump, I watched it as well.
How many today realize that they are watching the birth of a new video channel on thisplanet..

I know this name may sound kind of communist like, but can we call it the people's channel.

This is because the content is created by what you the people of the public post. And today you can even locate sub channels created by the people of the public gender making shows to broadcast to the world. Which is far from what communist's desire.
+Jean-Louis Nguyen Yes so then the comparison is still irrelevant or just pointless.  It would make more sense to just point out how many people viewed it, not compare it to events that are nationally televised.  8 million in one day is a big number, I don't disagree with that.

What would make some sense to me is if they added in the televised stats to see how it compares (I imagine not by much) but again the comparison is my compliant. 
+Kracus Omniax I hear you. But the point was not to compare each event's relative importance (of course, more people watched the Olympics globally than the space jump). This post is about YouTube establishing itself as a serious contender for livestreaming to a global audience - with numbers well beyond concerts and political debates. The +Red Bull Stratos Mission is YouTube's biggest success story in this regards. Advertisers and sponsors have paid attention and you'll see a trend towards more of these types of events in the future. The model works best when exclusivity rights are not involved. Red Bull used digital media as the centerpiece of the action, rather than an alternate channel. And this is a great trend for web viewers, no matter where they live or what device they choose to watch on.
I believe that that is freakin amazing you gotta have some big kahunas to do that I believe I want to achieve to accomplish and do mostly everything in life but there's 1 thing I tell my friends all the time I highly doubt I'll ever go to space who knows though and my motto is never say never but let alone and jump from the altitude of space level is out of this world literally lol good job bro . and by the way I'm pretty sure if you got Richard Branson replying a post with his opinion on something you have done I would say you made and did a very big accomplishment the reason why look at all the accomplishments Richard Branson has done in his life :-) . Ps. I'm going to make a youtube video here soon a music video and I hope I get somewhere near that many viewers and Richard Branson talking good about me because then I would have to say I probably have finally made it :-) 
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