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Sampled data without notification ?
I make a report every month with 3 segments. I always check the data for the previous month to be sure it's matching. This morning, when I look at the data that I had reported in January, the visits number is off, but the pageviews number is ok. Then I checked the other months : same thing! When I remove the segments, the total visits number is back to what I had reported the previous month. I know that data may be sampled, but I usually have the yellow bar telling me the  sample rate, which I don't see in this case. So is GA sending sample data now without notification?
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Excellent montage !
95 seconds of improbable laughter - great editing!
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Ukrainians are constantly fighting for their freedom against dictatorship and corruption. Show your support by sharing this video.
Get this to 10 million views
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A lot of good A/B testing case studies. Free access until March 7.
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“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter
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Jean-Francois Monfette

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Interesting perspective on this Facebook acquisition
OMG... the animosity towards Facebook, Oculus Rift and Kickstarter is just crazy today. Let me sum it up for you.

Back in Aug-Sep 2012, Oculus went on Kickstarter to get funding for the idea for a next-gen VR headset. The plan worked, and 9,522 people donated more than $2 million to the project (out of a funding goal of $250,000).

The company launched its development kit and starting working on ways to bring the product to the market. 

But, now that the Kickstarter community has turned this product into a super success (even though it hasn't launched yet, other than as a dev kit), the venture capital firms started looking at the also. 

And in Dec 2013, with the help of VC companies like Andreessen Horowitz, Oculus raised $75 million. 

Then yesterday, Facebook purchased the company for $2 billion, giving both the founders and the VC a huge paycheck... but what about the people who made all this possible to begin with? 

They were promised to help take 'gaming to the next level', but that's not what Facebook will be focusing on. 

They were promised development kits to be a part of this future, but Facebook is notoriously bad for developers... so that sounds like game over. 

And then Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the future of Oculus Rift would be: "Zuckerberg called out virtual reality as one of the computing platforms of the future -- following desktops and mobile -- and yes, talked about building Facebook's advertising into it. Specifically, he talked about the potential of a virtual communication network, buying virtual goods, and down the line, advertising."

Basically, the two things real gamers hate the most: Advertising and in-app purchases. This is no longer a hardware device that you buy. What Mark is talking about is yet another 'rented' service. A social platform, not gaming.

Sure, it's hard to say no to $2 billion. But they absolutely broke their promise of both what this was supposed to be, and what people had helped support. And keep in mind, The only ones who didn't get paid yesterday was the very same people who helped the project off the ground to begin with.

As one Kickstarter wrote: "I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition."

In other words. The people who benefited from this were the Wall Street types, who were only in it for a quick payout. The true fans and original backers were left empty handed. Sure, they got their Oculus development kit, but that's pretty much useless unless you believe that the device itself is going to be a part of the very gaming experience you are designing for. With Facebook now owning it, hardcore gaming is not really the future anymore.

It's not really surprising that people are pissed today. I'm happy for the founders of Ocules Rift, but this will be remembered as a sad day in the world of crowdfunding. 
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Very high stakes in today's hockey game between Canada and USA !
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Impressive 3D effect made possible by adding 2 white lines in the image. Check the link for many more !
Animations enhanced with 2 vertical lines for the full 3D effect

Just came across this great collection ( of animated examples on how easy it is to trick your brain to make funny connections that your eyes are not really seeing :) Very cool!

#opticalillusion   #illusion   #3deffects   #animatedgif   #3d
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Here's a reminder from Canada about diversity at the Olympics.
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Un peu partout au Québec oui, pourquoi? 
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