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Jean Egan
INFP | Freelance Multimedia Designer, WordPress Consultant, Philosopher | I'm different, just like everyone else.
INFP | Freelance Multimedia Designer, WordPress Consultant, Philosopher | I'm different, just like everyone else.


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I've been getting concerned about hitting the 100 mark ceiling with Google Analytics. Apparently, the limit can be increased*, albeit somewhat manually. Excellent.

*to 200, 500 then 1,000 if needed.

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If your WordPress site isn't able to send PHP mail, load this plugin, enter your email settings and your site will send via SMTP rather than PHP mail.

Edited to add: This one is particularly helpful because it doesn't require you put in the from "name" - if you want to have the from name variable and come from what users enter on your form.

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I created this on for a client site. I took a chance on using a heart shape... and they liked it!

The site let me save the image as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), which ended up being all of 11 KB. I LOVE saving images as SVG now rather than GIF or PNG-8. So much space-saving.

If you have a WordPress site and want to take advantage of using SVG images, load the "WP SVG Images" plugin. By default, SVG images are blocked from being uploaded. This plugin lets you upload this type of image to your site.

Note: There seems to be a small glitch, though. I noticed that I needed to upload SVG images directly to the Media Library rather than via the "Add Media" when you're on a page or a post.

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This plugin helps consolidate requests to CSS & JS and increases site speed.

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This plugin works well for a quick script insertion to the header or footer. Made by WP Beginner so there's hope it will be kept up.

Going to share links to helpful WordPress & coding stuff for my future reference and put 'em in this collection. Lessee how this works.

Forgive me as I disappear from G+. The UI has become bulky and less easy to navigate and I just don't feel like jumping through hoops anymore. I won't delete my profile but I am cleaning up circles and my profile will go silent.

I will miss my friends here. If you want to connect, feel free to tag me so your message will be emailed to me. I do want to stay in touch with about a dozen people who I've met on here and am not connected in any other social platform or via email. (I'll message you when I get some time and do hope to keep in touch.)

You've made my life richer and I hope to keep you in my life, despite this silly first-world problem I have with G+.

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Simple solution for repeating svg and avoiding a gap.. Add this to the initial <svg> line: preserveAspectRatio="none"

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Halfway through this and have been enjoying it so far. Nicely done. Good characters that I care about and good humor in this interesting storyline.

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Wow. Respect for black ladies & what they go through for "good hair". I'm going to make a point to complement ladies who are sporting their natural hair more. Nobody should have to go through the chemicals (and chemical burns!) of relaxing their hair or the exorbitant expense of a weave. (Lower end $1000 for just the hair, not the beautician's time.)

Also enlightening to see that India's biggest export is human hair. How is this hair gathered? Conveniently, through religious ceremonies.

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Just started watching this. Chris Hemsworth doesn't make for a convincing hacker to me. I'm giving it a chance, nonetheless. Wish me luck.
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